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Topic: Alpenrost Roaster Question (5 msgs / 131 lines)
1) From: Mark Beckman
While I'm very happy with my RoyalMax, I have found it does not handle my
Sumatra Mandheling (Grade 1) green very well.  Some of the smaller beans
sometimes get caught between the drum the outside wall of the machine.
Three of the seven roasts of Mandheling I did resulted in the moter
stopping!  For this reason, I am thinking of purchasing a Alpenrost roaster.
Has anyone tried roasting Sumatra Mandheling with their Alpenrost, and if
so, could you please share with me the results of the roast?
Thank You,
Mark Beckman

2) From: coffenut
I've roasted several batches of Tom's Sumatra Blue Lintong and the
Mandheling Triple Pick on my Alp and they are very good.  The Triple Pick is
my favorite of the two Sumatras with very good body and a hint of
fruitiness.  I found the Lintong was a bit more mellow, less body, but all
the same a very good cup.  I really love the Indonesian coffees and
purchased the Alp mainly because of its ability to develop full body.  On
beans sticking, for small beans like the peaberry, you will have a few that
will lodge in the wall of the drum on the Alp.  They don't affect the roast
and I haven't had any problem with beans getting caught between the drum and
the roaster.  From my 3+ month experience with my Alp, I've found it to be
solidly built and no problems like you are seeing with your RoyalMax.
Coffenut  :^)

3) From: Mark Beckman

4) From: coffenut
I really do love the Alp product and get enthusiastic at times about what it
does.  If I had a product I was really happy using, I'd have to think long
about dropping $300 on another roaster.  Of course I've been known to be my
own worst influence about coming up with convincing reasons to buy something
I really want (whether I need it or not).  Have been guilty of this a few
times with PC products.
I'm not familiar with the Royal Max, but is it possible to modify it somehow
to solve that bean/drum sticking problem?  On the Alp, if they made the
circular vent holes in the drum a little smaller, I think it might eliminate
any beans from getting stuck from inside of the drum.  The Alp drum has
circular holes around the circumference that are 3/16 " wide.  I'm wondering
if there is a way to install some stainless steel screen in your Royal Max
drum to keep the smaller beans from getting through and jamming between the
drum and outer wall?
Coffenut  :^)

5) From: Mark Beckman
The distance between the edge of the drum and the wall of the unit is
adjustable.  However, it would take abut 20 - 40 minuites to adjust this.
The reason I don't move the drum closer to the wall is when I roast the very
dark Italian roast, the drum expands to the point of rubbing against the
wall a little bit.  The owner of RoyalMax does plan to fix this problem in
the future by going to a stainless steel drum, which will not expand as much
as the aluminum drum that is in my unit.
Mark Beckman

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