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Topic: Z&D roaster...Any thoughts? (7 msgs / 115 lines)
1) From: Angelo
On a more "serious" note:
Has anyone on this list tried the Z&D roaster? Since the roasting seems to 
be done by the metal screw, does it achieve more of a drum roast taste?
Also, do you BBQ roasting guys think you could incorporate this unique 
concept into your designs? A vertical roaster that is placed on the grill 
with the motor on top to turn a metal screw, or spiral ramp, which would 
bring the beans to the top and drop them back. I see kids toys that do this 
with marbles. Since, you're not going into production with your roasters, I 
doubt if there would be a patent infringement.
Just a thought....
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2) From: Fred Langer
There is much discussion on this roaster on alt.coffee and CoffeeGeek.
Lots of positive remarks.  And yes, the description of the taste is that
of drum roasted coffee.
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3) From: Ben Treichel
On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, "Fred Langer" wrote:
I just saw one work and it actually a[[eared to be a
real roaster. I haven't tasted the results, but nicely
As with all flaws exist, but there seems to be a place
in the market for this roaster.
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4) From: Terry Stockdale
I'll let you know how it goes.  I ordered mine today (the alt.coffee 
special without the beans and grinder).  It will partly be a backup for my 
HIP, and partly so I can run two machines in parallel and spend a little 
less time roasting.  When I roast outside, I'm too far from my Silvia!
At 08:20 PM 12/22/2002 -0800, you wrote:
Terry Stockdale -- homeroast -- Baton Rouge, LA
Website --http://www.dadstoy.netPreground commercial blend + Drip pot = Coffee?
Monkey + HIP + Rocky + Silvia = Espresso
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5) From: Rick Farris
Terry wrote:
Be careful!  You've got two full-electrical-circuit machines there.  You're
going to be blowing breakers if you don't get them on two different
-- Rick
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6) From: Richard Estes
I purchased one and returned it after a 2 week trial. I feel that the unit
does not get hot enough to properly roast coffee beans. I get much better
results from my Poppery.
Richard Estes
Bellingham, WA USA
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7) From: Nucer
Hello, I have been lurking on this newletter for about 4 months and have not 
sent anything because I had nothing to add.  If you use the NG ALT.coffee 
then you probably have seen my post on the ZAD (Zach and Dani's roaster).  I 
realize that roasting is a pesonal thing and not everyone will like any 
roaster all the time.  The comment that the ZAD doesn't get hot enough is not 
true.  I am sitting here drinking a cup of Yirgacheffee roasted in the ZAD 
and it is great.  I think a company giving a 30 day money back guarantee with 
no questions asked is spectacular.  I have a freshroast and a wext bend 
roaster sitting in the cabinet because I am so pleased with the ZAD.
The fact is that this post is the first where the roaster has been returned.  
considering that from the post on ALT.coffee many have been bought.  I also 
like that the owner, Joel A, actually post and answer questions on the NG.  I 
have talked to the customer service several times and have always been 
satisfied.  Not something I can say for either West Bend or Freshroast.  
I have roasted about 20 batches on the ZAD, about 3 a week for over a month, 
and have had great roast.  There is a learning curve as with any roaster but 
it does not get much easier than this.  I know I sound like a commerical for 
the ZAD but there is so much misinformation that I have to write and clear up 
somethings.  I do not have any connection or ties to the ZAD makers other 
than owning one.
I wish experts like Tom and Maria would try the ZAD and tell us what they 
think.  I am a relatively new roaster, 8 months , and can only go by the 
other two roasters I have.  Thanks for letting me vent.
Bob L
(Drinking a great cup of coffee in Fort Worth, Tx.)
ps Ed the longer roast is more to my liking too.

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