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Topic: Toastmaster popper (5 msgs / 125 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
 I got a laugh out of the * it must run on smoke*
I needed a good laugh this morning.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Owen Davies
Has anyone ever used one?  I noticed it today while shopping, and it had the
air entrances nicely arranged around the bottom of the chamber, to produce a
circular flow.  However, it seems to be rated at only 100 watts, as nearly
as I could tell through the store label.  Is that enough to produce the
temperatures needed for roasting?  If so, I'll pick one up to use until SM
gets some Rostos in.
Owen Davies
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3) From: Don Munsil
Yes, I use one. It's $9.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. The first one blew out in
about 5 batches, possibly because of overloading, but the second one has
lasted about 25 batches.
OK, actually I destroyed the first one taking it apart and trying to wire
the fan separate from the heating coils. Didn't work, perhaps because the
heating coils are being used as a resistor to protect the fan. I'm not an
EE, so take that with a grain of salt. All I know is it must run on smoke,
because when I plugged it in after my rewiring, all the smoke came out and
it stopped working. :-)
Then the second one blew out in 5 batches, and the THIRD one is going
strong. So I've spent $30 already on what was supposed to be a cheap
experiment. I should have gotten the FR to start with. C'est la vie.
First crack comes in about 3 minutes, rolling second in about 4 minutes,
plus or minus 30 seconds. I'm roasting indoors under a vent hood.

4) From: Steve Wall
On Sunday, December 22, 2002, at 10:07 PM, Don Munsil wrote:
I bought a Toastmaster to replace the Salton that I tried to rewire, 
more or less the same experience as you.
My Toastmaster has worked great so far (6-8 roasts).  I've had it as hot
as 440F without seeing the thermostat cycle or blowing the fuze.  It
will go to 2nd crack without stalling.  Outside in my cold garage I'm
getting 10-12 minute roast cycles to City/Full City, with just a couple
minutes of box recirculation at the end to push it over 410. I
haven't taken it apart yet to compare the internals to a Salton but the
roast chamber isn't the same.  While the Salton looks exactly like a
WB II internally the Toastmaster air inlets are set a little higher,
and the bottom of the chamber has a convex dimple in the middle.  The
Toastmaster is held together with screws designed for some strange
triangular tool, to discourage folks from taking it apart I guess.
Steve Wall=
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5) From: Don Munsil
From: "Steve Wall" 
I used a very tiny torx bit to remove those (could probably also use a small
hex bit), and had to cut a couple of places to open up the rest. Once I got
it apart, I saw exactly how to take it apart cleanly. But of course now I
don't want to take one apart... :-)
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