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Topic: After Roast ? Resting Beans. (5 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Paul  I vac seal in Pint mason jars as soon as the beans cool to room =
I used to just store them in Pint jars, and not vac seal. Every 12 hrs =
or so for 2 days, just to smell the wonderful fragrance of the coffee, =
if you keep then in a cupboard it just a one of life's little reward, to =
open the door and smell a little bit of heaven.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Paul Covert
Hello HomeRoasters,
What is the best way to store beans that are freshly roasted waiting
for that rest period to end? Do you leave them out in air ? Put them
in a vacuum bag ? etc.
HomeRoaster by Choice
Research-aholic by Nature
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3) From: TFisher511
I have been sealing my fresh roasted beans in Rubbermaid containers 1/2 hour 
or so after roasting and it seams to work well. Recently I have been 
seriously reconsidering sealing the beans so soon. I think it may not let 
them develop their full character by closing them up so soon after roasting. 
On my next several batches I am going to leave them open to the air for 12 - 
24 hours after roasting and see what that does for the flavor. I think the 
oxygen may let the beans develop a fuller or richer flavor but moisture would 
be a giant step backwards. I will try it and see (or is that try it and 
Terry F
 golfin writes:

4) From: tadpreston
Hi Paul,
I put mine in in Mason (Kerr, Ball, or whatever) jars. I let the 
beans completly cool and then I tighten the lid. Since I do my 
roasting at night, when I get up in the morning I open the jar 
just enough to let the gas out. Wow, it smell so good! I usually 
let my beans rest at leat 24 hours, if I can wait that long.

5) From: Ken Mary
I have done this a few times and found that the chocolate flavors seem to
get better. The beans were placed in saucers on a window sill and brewed at
different times over 3 days. The subjective comparisons were based on
storage in an *open* jar in the cupboard, my normal method. So there is an
additional effect from the shallow depth of beans and possibly light from
the window. I have not done this with my recently developed 3 minute roast
profile, so now seems like as good a time as any.
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