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1) From: Fred Langer
Re: the 60 rpm - my Hottop does 56 rpm.  (I'm still gathering my parts
for the BBQ roaster.  Just need the right material for the "cone" mouth
I plan to rivet in place.)
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2) From: Ed Needham
Which drum are you using?  Did you get a Frontgate drum?  I know you were
looking for one, and the smaller of the two is 8" diameter if I remember
correctly (too lazy to go out into the snow/sleet/rain tonight to the garage
to check it).  I think there is a fairly standard stainless bowl that will
fit it.  Drilling the large hole in the bottom was a snap.
For my roaster, using the larger Frontgate can, I used a stainless steel bowl
I found at 'Bed, Bath and Beyond'.  It was part of a 5 piece set and was the
'perfect fit'.  I used a hole saw to cut a hole in the center, bottom and
smoothed the edges with a Dremel stone attachment.  It fit the larger
Frontgate can within a 1/32" to spare.  I wedged it inside the can, snugged
it up, and the little bead on the bowl fit perfectly into the little space in
the Frontgate rim that was left when they rolled the top edge.  Some have
reported beans getting stuck there...no problem this way.  I Dremel cut a few
tabs on the lip of the Frontgate can, straightened them out and pop riveted
them to the bowl for a marriage made in heaven.  Caution...You've got to do
all the internal work first, because your tools or hand won't fit very well
in the 2 1/2" hole .  No...I didn't do that.
I like the rhythm the drum makes when it spins the beans
"sheee-sheee-whoo-whoo".  I would have expected a different sound because I
used two oppositely tapered vanes alternating with two non-tapered vanes.  I
would have expected "sheee-whoo-sheee-whoo".  You could probably dance to it
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3) From: floyd burton
Fred-what did u use for the drum-make one up or find something other than
the Lowe's trash can.

4) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Ed Needham  wrote:
Hey, why do you think I have a speed control on my motor ;o)
Since I'm not hand turning a crank anymore the dancing keeps me
in shape. I'm working on differant roast profiles for both
cumbia , merengue music.
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5) From: Fred Langer
Re: the BBQ roaster projects - I have the Lowes can.  Ed - that sounds
like a good idea, finding a stainless bowl and cutting a hole in it.
I'll put that on the list.  Cutting the hole will be tricky without a
big hole saw like you have.
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6) From: Ed Needham
Hole saw at Home Depot was $12.  Use it with a regular drill.  It was an easy
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7) From: sho2go
Yes, please continue to patronize Home Depot.  Their stock is in big
trouble, I hate to sell at a loss.......;-)

8) From: floyd burton
I have carbide tipped hole saws but planned on using my Bosch saber saw-a
hole saw might be a better approach but gads the noise that critter will
make.  Check out Walmart for bowls-they have some different size made in
asia SS bowls that are cheaper than BBB-found them after sending Ed to BBB.

9) From: Ed Needham
Hole saw cut neat and clean hole in the stainless bowl bottom in a matter of
30 seconds.  If you use heavier steel, it'll be a different ballgame.

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