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Topic: Ordering a Mazzer (5 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: Sharon Allsup
	Anyone here have comment/advices one way or the other about 
the Mazzer Mini vs the Super Jolly?  Spouse is leaning towards the 
Super Jolly under the idea of "we have the $ let's buy the grinder 
we'll never have to replace again".  He's the espresso drinker in the 
house and announced earlier today that "a working quality grinder 
is a household necessity now, and it's your fault for getting me 
hooked on the good stuff".
	Now to go off and read the reviews.
MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAhahahhahaha got 'im!!!
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Sharon Allsup" 
I did boo-koo research before getting Rocky. If size is no issue what the
heck maybe go for the Super Jolly. However, everything I've read and every
comment I've heard is the Mini will not last a lifetime, it'll last
'generations' of lifetimes! I highly doubt if you got the Mini you'd ever be
replacing it because of wearing out, or any other reason for that matter.
BTW, great work getting you hubby hooked!
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
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3) From: dewardh
the Mazzer Mini vs the Super Jolly?
I have a Super Jolly (got "used" for a jolly low price ) . . . were I buying 
new I'd probably "settle" for a Mini.  The Jolly has a slightly larger burr, 
the Mini is certainly "big enough" (although I read rumor that the new 
"electronic" ones may mount a Jolly burr).  For "home" use either will last a 
lifetime (or two), and the slightly smaller size of the Mini may be an actual 
But there's another "issue".  The Super Jolly (in particular) is a *commercial* 
machine . . . it is understood (and intended) that it will move a *lot* of 
beans, generally of the same type (that's why, after all, the hopper is so 
big).  There is, as a result, not a lot of attention paid to holdback in the 
doser (although the rest of the machine clears admirably well).  If you expect 
to change bean type often, and don't want to waste a lot of beans/grounds 
"freshening" the charge in the doser, you should seriously consider getting a 
model with a "bagger" chute instead of a doser . . . and that should be a *far* 
more important consideration than "Mini v. Jolly".  It's easy to "batch grind", 
using no hopper at all (and it makes the thing less imposing in the kitchen, 
too  . . . a Super Jolly with hopper and dosser is a *big* machine which will 
look "out of place" in almost any "home environment" ) . . . it will not be 
so easy to replace the doser when you find that it's disadvantages outweigh any 
possible benefits (in the "home environment").  I was very lucky to find a 
bagger assembly for mine (for another jolly low price).
Tell whoever you're buying from that you like Kona and your husband likes Aged 
Sumatra, and ask how that's going to work out . . . every morning . . . (and 
don't settle for the "two grinder" solution ).
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4) From: Mark
I haven't any experience with the Super Jolly, but I can't imagine ever
needing to replace the Mini, either. It is designed for low-volume
commercial use, which is still significantly more than it will see in a
home. Don't let the "Mini" name fool you, it's a serious machine.
From what I've read, there isn't really a difference in grind quality
between the two. I can't really see an advantage in getting the Super Jolly
for home use, unless you get a *really* good deal on one. Keep in mind that,
while the Mini is large (significantly larger than any "home" grinder), the
Super Jolly is *huge*. I don't know your kitchen, but I had enough trouble
finding room for the Mini in mine. The Super Jolly would absolutely not have
At normal retail prices, I'd say get the mini, and save the extra money for
a future espresso machine upgrade. I don't know what you're using now, but I
definitely see that happening for myself, while I doubt that I'll ever feel
that I need to upgrade from my mini.
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5) From: The Scarlet Wombat
I have a Super Jolly and would never have anything else.  It is large, the 
bin is far larger than I will ever use, so you need counter with no 
overhanging cupboards, but it is the quintessential grinder, it purrs and 
would eat small asteroids for breakfast.
One issue I have with it, its most coarse grind is not coarse enough for a 
French Press, so keep your old grinder if you need a coarser grind.
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