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Topic: Second interrupted roast a puzzle (6 msgs / 92 lines)
1) From: Ken Mary
Using nearly the same method as before, I get a flat, low complexity, low 
bodied cup with Sumatra Iskandar. This is opposite from the results using
Colombian Quindio. One possible explanation is different temperature at the
first pop of first crack (after ignoring the first outlier). I have been
ignoring temperature since last summer, just using time and sound to stop
the roast. This type of interrupted profile may be more consistent if
governed by bean temperature.
Another puzzle is the appearance of the Iskandar beans which were dumped out
to examine after the first heat. About 20% of the beans were an identical
light brown and evenly colored, the remainder were an identical dirty dark
brown, not mottled but uneven. This looked like a surface dirt but the color
remained after scraping with a knife. It seems as if there are two different
bean populations. The Quindio was not examined between heats.
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2) From: Lahtaydah
In a message dated 1/6/2003 12:35:27 PM Central Standard Time, kdmary 
Hi, I am enjoying these experiments of slowing down the roasts.  Keep them 
up.  As for looking uneven, even in a commercial roaster Sumatran tends to 
roast unevenly.  It is a characteristic of the origin.  However, from the 
sound of the beans it sounds like they were not roasted long enough.
Take care, Lee

3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Ken Mary" 
I don't remember your exact profile and don't know how soon you brewed, but
many if not most roasts taste ok right after roasting but develop much more
complexity after 24hrs rest.
Agree with previous reply, Sumatras tend to roast uneven regardless the
profile. (I believe it's the case most dry processed greens but may be
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
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Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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4) From: Jim Schulman
Thanks for these write-ups. BTW, Tom's notes say 
to wait 48 hours "for the body to appear."
On 6 Jan 2003 at 13:33, Ken Mary wrote:
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5) From: Ken Mary
Do not slow your Sumatra roasts the way I did it.    8^)
The Iskandar triple pick does roast evenly, as did the Lake Tawar. You
should know that my color comments referred to the first heat which stopped
at the first pop of first crack. These were reroasted to completion about 5
seconds into second crack and the colors evened out.
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6) From: Ken Mary
And at 49 hours it is stale.    8^)
With my roasts, body is mostly there after an overnight rest. I have way too
many comments, mostly on my slower roasts, of staleness on the third day. So
I do not wait, I drink it right away. My faster 3 to 5 minute roasts last a
few days longer.
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