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Topic: Storage - 3 yr 7 mo in mason jar (11 msgs / 291 lines)
1) From: Steven Dover

2) From: Ed Needham
Sometimes the moisture in green coffee can cause it to mold if there is not
adequate air circulation.  Mike M. has had really positive results though
with vac sealing greens for longer term storage, and maybe the vacuum
inhibits this mold formation.  Stored in a jar for a long time, I would think
that there is at least a chance that the greens would occasionally mold.
Obviously, that was not true in your case, so it's at least 'possible' to
store greens successfully in a jar.
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

3) From: Rick Farris
Steve wrote:
What if you don't want it to "age"?  What if you want it to stay just as you
bought it?
-- Rick
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4) From: Steven Dover
The reason I started storing in jars is because of a Guatemalan girl {Wendy}
I know whose family owns several coffee plantations. I.e., she suggested it.
I have noticed that the coffee I kept in jars stayed fresher longer than the
coffee at Wendy's coffee shop which was kept in burlap. I'll explain. Wendy
said I would be "flabbergasted" at the taste of freshly harvested coffee. So
I bought some Antitlan that was freshly harvested and shipped from
Guatemala. About 6 months later, I bought some more of the same coffee.
There was no doubt that the coffee I had stored in jars was, in appearance
and in the cup, much fresher.
I too would like the coffee to stay exactly as I bought it. But I think some
aging, changes are inevitable as with other agricultural products. I think
maybe we can slow it down some - but will not be able to stop it. I remain
surprised at the Rimy. I was surprised to find *any* evidence of fruit
left...definitely not as exiting as before...fruity flavors muted as
compared to when I got it...but still a good cup. After all this time I
would have expected much worse. - Steve D

5) From: Steven Dover
Oh yes...very possible...and with very satisfactory results. I've been
storing this way for almost 8 years now without any problems at all...no
mold. If I'm remembering right, proper moisture is supposed to be around 8
to 11% for green beans.
I often wonder if a vacuum might even make the possibility of mold worse by
pulling the moisture to the surface of the beans. I would say that it is at
least 'possible' to store beans successfully in a vacuum! To date, I've
never found vacuuming to be beneficial to green or roasted beans..."imo".
Btw, in the Heart of Dixie {Alabama}it gets "extremely" {make that
miserably} humid in the summertime. - Steve D
Btw Ed, please continue to keep us posted on the roaster project.

6) From: Ed Needham
I'm trying to find time to take pics of my latest large drum roaster. A new
rotisserie motor is on the way, so possibly when I get it hooked up I'll snap
a few shots and throw it onto my web site.  The air roaster project is
languishing in the background.  I really need to get motivated to finish that
Ed Needhamhttp://www.homeroaster.comed

7) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Rick Farris" 
Remember greens are stored in parchment to retain maxium freshness before
milling to greens state. The parchment providing a barrier to oxygen and the
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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8) From: Rick Farris
Steve wrote:
Tell us more, Steve!  Tell us about your experiments.  What did you do?
What happened?
-- Rick
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9) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Rick Farris  wrote:
I'm not Steve, but I've found that vac packed fresh greens stay
green and retain their loud cracks when roasted better than the
ones I leave in the jute sacks for a year. Vacked roasted beans
seem to retain some freshness better, but it's a close call. I
find it hard to drink stale coffee even in the intrest of
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10) From: Rick Farris
Steve wrote:
Tell us more, Steve!  Tell us about your experiments.  What did you do?
What happened?
-- Rick
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11) From: Jack Berry
I wonder if anyone knows whether anaerobic bacteria might have something to
do with the problem of long term storage problems "sans oxygen"?
I'm not surprised the Rimy turned out so well. I still have the occasional
cup of the junk everyone brews at work. That "refresher" of how awful coffee
can be makes me appreciate nearly every home roast I've ever made. Only a
few early mistakes were not preferred over the canned stuff.

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