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Topic: Help - my Rosto went bye-bye (8 msgs / 244 lines)
1) From: KenR
So here's the way it went this am.  Woke up to nothing roasted.  Pulled out
the Rosto, loaded it with Timor Aifu and turned it on.  It seemed like it
was working quicker than usual, i.e. got darker way before I was expecting
it to, by about four minutes. I did the next roast with monkey blend and,
realized I forgot to put the screen back in the chaff collector.  Too late,
trash one roast.  Then next roast was more monkey blend.  Shut it down about
2-3 minutes before I usually do, as it was quite dark by about 10-11
minutes. Noted that the chaff collector was full of beans at the end of the
roast.  Note that due to other things going on, there was about 20 - 30
minutes between roasts. The next roast just didn't seem to be going
anywhere.  I let it run full cycle and I'm getting nothing but air. No heat
at all.  Tried to google a.c. as I seem to remember someone having this
problem but couldn't find it. (it gets really difficult to search for Rosto
stuff what with MM's sig on about 8 gazillion items.)
So, anybody got a clue as to what to do.
(as if this isn't enough, my FR+ fell off the top of the fridge a couple of
days ago, cracking the plastic base.  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh.)
Delete REMOVE.... or is it remove DELETE....
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2) From: Peter R. Barnes
Yeah, this hit me about a month ago.  According to Brightway, this means th=
e internal fuse has blown.  I wrote steve and he gave me an=
 RMA#, and it was sent off.  Of course, I haven't received it yet, and I =
sent it off 3 and a half weeks ago, but what can you do?
My situation was almost the same as yours.  A couple of roasts, took a brea=
k for other reasons, came back to roast and realized nothing was happenin=
g.  It's a bummer.
Hope this helps

3) From: Ben Treichel
KenR wrote:
If its any consolation, the FR will work fine with a cracked base. I've 
had mine apart enough to know that it not critical to the roast process. 
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4) From: Peter Charpentier
Same here. There are two thermal fuses, attached to the motor and to the
heating element, and apparently they are a bit too effective. Steve at
Brightway was supposed to send me part numbers (or parts), but no =
yet. The roaster does work with these devices shorted out, but that =
seem very safe. I keep the fire extinguisher handy...

5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "KenR" 
 (it gets really difficult to search for Rosto
I'd considered responding on a.c. but didn't want to make you wade through
"8 gazillion" and one hits searching on Rosto. Ever consider narrowing your
search parameter? You know, like what in particular about the Rosto you are
looking for. If search "Rosto thermal" you would have gotten 5 (yes FIVE)
total alt.coffee google hits. Just did it. Try entering just the word
"Silvia" as a google search if you really want a lot of hits! (says about
19,000) Just for the heck of it I did search just "Rosto", 638 a.c hits...
The fewer the search parameters given the greater the number of hits. Don't
blame me! It's the way search engines work. Not my fault if someone doesn't
know how to use them.
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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6) From: Rick Farris
Mike wrote:
It really is a pain in the neck for a newbie, though.  I remember when I
first got my Livia I searched google for references and about 75% of the
hits I got were from dorks with "Livia" in their .sigs.  (I didn't mean you
were a dork, miKe, we all know that you are Kool.)
I can see that you've already helped out a lot by putting the simple
"Rosto," and not "Caffe Rosto."  I wonder if you (all of you .sig braggarts)
could do something like:
	"R O S T O   R O A S T I N G"
	"R O C K Y   G R I N D I N G"
Or some such to help out the searchers...
-- Rick
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7) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Rick Farris" 
The other side of the coin could be you might then know who to direct
questions to or contact specifically!
Not a bad idea putting spaces or something...
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer RRRosto Roasting
RRRocky grindin' - Miss SSSilvia brewin'
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8) From: Rick Farris
Mike wrote:
Good point!  I never thought about that!
-- Rick
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