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Topic: Hearthware Gourmet or FreshRoast? (5 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Bill I have a FR+ and have put it through a lot of abuse and it =
still keeps on roasting, it is rather quiet. If you don't mind 65 to 85 =
gram batches, it will do a good job.
Still waiting for my 2 alp from swissmar, sent no. 1 off Monday the 6th =
of Jan.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Bill
Hi all,
Today I became aware of the need to have a backup roaster, as my 2 month 
old Caffe Rosto stopped heating.  I'm planning to call tomorrow to get it 
replaced/repaired, but I think I want to get a backup as well.
I'm debating between the Gourmet and the FreshRoast.  Based on several 
reviews, it appears the Gourmet does slightly larger batches, at the cost 
of being much noisier.  Anything else I should consider between these machines?
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3) From: rev mark gilstrap
    Dear Bill,  I'm surprised you haven't yet heard the usual rejoinder
    "Get them both."   As it turns out I have both.  I bought the FR
    first and added the Gourmet as a back-up.  I still use the FR 10 to 1
    more than the Gourmet.
    Last night however I roasted 3 Gourmet batches and only 1 FR.
    I wanted to try a slower roast between 1st and 2nd, so I used the
    Gourmet (sans chaff collector) to achieve this (at the expense of
    blowing debris).    The unrestricted air flow slowed the already
    slower ramp up.   We'll see if I like it.  I usually prefer the FR taste
    on any particular bean.  I am trying various slower roasts to see if
    I can come up with some acceptable substitute for buying Vicace
    Vita (I am now completely addicted to that taste).  I am drinking
    the very last shot from last weeks order and need to place another.
    That elusive "treacle" flavor (not the same as caramel) is my goal
    (and my vice).
    (an aside: In spite of the anti-commercial sentiment on this list,
    and my own predisposition against Seattle snobbery,  I could
    not have made as much progess as I have without this invariant
    flavor standard to compare to as I vary my own roasts.  (its
    usually - not every time - very consistent!))
    Don't discount the noise factor.  The only way I can really hear
    2nd crack with the Gourmet is to take the lid off.  This also has
    the added benefit of keeping the exhaust contained in the hooded
    alcove around my stove.  Otherwise the smoke blows out of the
    Gourmet horizontally in four directions and into the kitchen.
    Before the roast is over the smoke alarm in another room is going
    off.   The smaller batch size of the FR means I can roast alarm-
    free well into smokin' second crack even without the hood fan on
    (for the duration of one roast anyway).
    I can mimic a slower ramp up with the FR only by manually
    controlling the duty cycle (on off on off ... ) which is a pain.
    I am now looking for that old variac I used in my slot car power
    supply back in 1964.   It's around here somewhere...
    My Gourmet does not agitate green beans as well as the FR,
    so unless you manually swirl them (as I do) there are a lot
    of mixed colors up to the point of 1st crack, after which the
    now lighter beans move more freely.   But then again when
    you get into second crack, if the beans get oily, they sometimes
    glom together and stop mixiing well.  YMMV
    I find the FR more trouble free than the Gourmet.  It is slowly
    degrading from the heat and has lots of cracks in the base now,
    but it all still holds together solidly.  I frequently have to
    readjust the tabs on the Gourmet pot in order to keep the
    pot seated tightly.  The visible symptom is that the air flow
    drops dramaticaly when the pot is loose.  The handle gets loose
    too - maybe because I am manually swirling.  Others have
    more experience with the motor reliability than I.  I occasionally
    hear screeches out of it.  I wouldn't want to have to rely on it
    as my primary unit.   I will be buying the newest FreshRoast as
    soon as its available.  If I like it a lot I may even be selling them
    via our developing church (coffee hour too) supply site.
    pr Mark Gilstrap
    St James Russian Orthodox Church
    Owasso, Oklahoma
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4) From: Ben Treichel
Can we hear a big AMEM for Rev Mark.
rev mark gilstrap wrote:

5) From: Jim Schulman
Hi Mark
I originally got my FR as a backup to the 
Precision, but ended up doing my roasting on it 
and giving the Precision away.
Although the batch size is smaller, the FR does a 
lot more pounds per hour than either the Gourmet 
or Precision since it roasts, cools, and turns 
around faster between batches. This is true even 
though I slow the roasts down with a variac.
Don't know much about the Gourmet; I do my roasts 
in a box for venting reasons, and the Gourmet base 
melted on the first roast. It's the Dali-Gourmet 
Jim Schulman
On 16 Jan 2003 at 1:13, Bill wrote:
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