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Topic: Newbie popper question (5 msgs / 99 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Tom, The secondary heater coil is there to reduce the voltage to the =
fan motor, although it does heat some, the temp. is only about 150 =
degrees, and yes you can cool your roasted beans to 200 degrees in about =
2 minutes, and then dump them into a colander, to completely cool the =
beans. Faster is better, but anything under 4 min. is OK.
good luck with your roasting.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Tom Hansen
Hi all,
I have a Poppery II that I've modified by disabling the thermostat and
installing a switch for the main heating coil. I'm now waiting for my beans
to arrive so I can try it out. My question is, since I have a switch
installed, can I just turn off the coil and let the air flow cool the beans
when the roast is done? Or would that not cool them fast enough? I know that
the second coil is still on but the air coming out is barely warm.
P.S. I'm not much of a BBQ'er, but I do make my own maple syrup. Does that
count for anything?
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3) From: Rich Adams
At work, I discovered a *spare* 12vdc Nidec fan,  a 2 inch square for Compaq
server power supplies.  With a 12vdc wall adapter this things REALLY moves
some air.  At the end of a roast last night, after the heater was switched
off on my WB I remove the FR top to aid with the cool down and then I added
this fan atop the tin can extension blowing up and the temperature in the
bean area plummeted to below 200 in a minute or less.
I think possibly the WBII would cool down faster with just its fan because
the roast chamber is thinner aluminum.
Rich Adams

4) From: Ken Mary
The beans will cool fast enough to quench the roast. I suggest dumping the
beans on a cookie sheet after 2 to 3 minutes to finish the job. The
secondary coil and motor heat is about 250 watts, so it is significant.
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5) From: Mark Neuhausen
I did exactly the modification you refer to on my WBII, switch to turn the
main coil on and off.  When I switch off the heater, and run just the fan
and smaller coil (I figured about 45% of the 1200 watts), cracking
immediately stops and I am down to 250* in less than two minutes and then
pour the beans into a colander.  I think the 250* is a deceptive reading, as
I can handle the beans without burning my hand.
I am also trying to copy the roast profiles that Kona Mike has referred to,
and find by cycling the heater off for four seconds every so often below
400*, and for 2-3 seconds above 400* that I can maintain a steady
temperature and also ramp at 10* per minute.
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