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Topic: Kenya Kii Auction Lot '02 - Gone Already? (6 msgs / 107 lines)
1) From: Steve Wall
I was going to post some comments on my first batch of Kenya Kii
but I went to the SM green offerings page first and noticed that
it has been pulled off the offering list, without so much as a
"Sold Out!" as shown for the Mochas.  Did it really fly out the
door that fast, or is this just a website problem?
As for my roasting results, based on Tom's roasting suggestion
("Full City+ : roast it too light and it will make you pucker")
I took it to a Vienna+.  No pucker factor at that roast at all,
in fact I think I'll risk some pucker by going to just Full City
next time.  Even at the Vienna roast (Dark brown, many oil spots)
I'm getting nice origin flavors.  I like it.
But damn, if it's all gone I'll cry.  I only ordered a pound!
Steve Wall
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2) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 11:06 1/18/2003, Steve Wall typed:
Here is a tissue.  I noticed the same thing when I when to download the 
roasting notes.  Gone.  Maria said they unexpectedly sold out.  Mine is now 
resting for Monday morning tasting.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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3) From: john kangas
This is one I've noticed that the longer period of time before first crack 
really made a difference. Last batch was 7 or 8 minutes to first crack, 
13:30 or so to when it was dumped just before second. Still just as 
powerful, but more civilized and complex.
Unfortunately my popcorn pumper can only do this when it's cold, I need to 
get that drum working before summer!
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4) From: Mike McGinness
From: "john kangas" 
Or split the fan and heater power, then reduce power to the heater to
lengthen the roast(variac etc:) Or use simple on/off switch to heater power
toggling off briefly, keeping fan running.
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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5) From: Steve Wall
On Saturday, January 18, 2003, at 07:36 PM, john kangas wrote:
I used the Whirley Pop for the Kii and got to first crack at 8 minutes. 
  The first hints of second crack came at about 11 minutes, 30 seconds 
and I held it through a full minute of rolling second crack, ending the 
roast at 13 minutes even.  In retrospect I think I took it too far and 
will use
a slightly less aggressive roast profile for the next batch, shooting 
for a Full City in about the same amount of time.  I'm still adjusting 
my expectations with the Whirley from air popper roasting, where I 
would go dark to avoid brightness.
Steve Wall
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6) From: john kangas
The switch-controlling-the-heater-only thing will probably be done sometime 
soon, the Pumper won't be going anywhere. It's been doing a great job, and 
it's perfect for smaller (1/4 lb) roasts.
However, any self respecting CSA member should strive to have multiple 
roasting methods! ;-)
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