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1) From: Michael Rochman
Does anyone know anything about the new Unimax 2000 roaster 
as pictured at the below url?http://www.the-perfectcup.com/homepage.htmlIt's an unusual looking roaster and doesn't say whether it's fluid 
bed or drum, although it certainly looks like fluid bed. 
It would need to be far superior to the Alps in many ways, in order 
to justify the $500 price tag.

2) From: Glen Sutherland
I wanted some Ethiopian Yirrgacheff once, and Tom did not have any in stock.
I ask him why, and he said it was no good this year.
I bought some from someone else.
It sucked.
So, in general:
If Tom does not sell it, be very worried.
If it is a link to a web site that sells green beans, roasters, and is
"trying" competing with Tom, don't post it.
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3) From: TFisher511
In a message dated 9/9/00 12:19:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mdr1000 writes:
Unimax was bought out by RoyalMax (www.royalmaxcoffee.com) over a year ago 
and left the Unimax 2000 owners with relatively good, obsolete, unserviceable 
$500 roasters. A lot of others don't share my relatively good opinion of the 
Unimax, but it was more controllable than the Alp, although totally 
different. I only messed up one or two batches of beans in over a year of 
roasting, and I had little experience when I bought mine. It seems to be a 
lost cause, and I seriously doubt they have any to sell. Tom did carry them, 
and they were the only 1/2 pound roaster on the market at the time. Had they 
stayed in business, they might still be competitive today with a few 
relatively minor improvements.
Terry F

4) From: Gary Zimmerman
First, I think this is actually the "old" Unimax.
Second, I love hyperbole like this:
"The Worlds first coffee Roaster designed for home use."
er, wasn't the "Worlds first coffee Roaster" actually... the pan?
... and what's with that weird capitalization, and why is "Green" in quotes?
-- garyZ
When I'm not roasting, I'm a grumpy techwriter.

5) From: Michael Vanecek
Hee hee - I was thinking the same thing. What we do today that seems so
special was at one time a common-place activity. Back in colonial times
(I doubt Unimax was around then) virtually every household home-roasted
their coffee in everything from a pan to the latest roasting gizmos they
had at the time. And even that's not the earliest. To claim to have the
World's First coffee Roaster or even the World's first Home Coffee
Roaster is simply misadvertising and teetering on fraudulant
advertising. Somebody wanna buy a unit and then sue them because they
found a much cheaper antique frying pan that does the same thing? I
think the Internet has led many companies to throw advertising ethics to
the wind and it harkens back to the days of the traveling huckster
selling cod-liver oil as the cure-all, love potion, mystery potion that
will make you wealthy and healthy... 
Gary Zimmerman wrote:

It still looks like the same ceramic heating element as the original 2000 
which burns the chaff along with the roast which imparts a smokey flavor to 
the roast, which is positive or negative according to personal 

7) From: Mark Beckman
The only current product from RoyalMax is the RoastMaster 9002 coffee
roaster.  This page is old, as seen at the bottom of the page, it reads...
Copyright  1998-99 The Perfect Cup.
Last modified: January 20, 1999
The owner of RoyalMax told me after he came back from Japan that the Unimax
2000 is not going to be sold again because of production problems with the
unit.  The 9002 roaster is an improvement over the original 9001 unit.  It
has a
gear driven stainless steal drum, instead of a belt driven, aluminum drum.
I am very happy with my RoyalMax Roaster, it is a 9001 machine, with a gear
drive added to it's aluminum drum.  The new owner was not told by the
original owner of several existing orders who already had paid down on a
RoastMaster 9001.  RoyalMax made good on the order and sent me the roaster,
even though they never were able to recover the downpayment  money from the
first owner of Unimax, who went bankrupt developing the 9001.  I did have to
wait awhile, because although they had the blueprints for the roaster, they
had to purchase some parts before they could even put one together for me.
Two month ago, I was cleaning my unit, and broke one of it's 4 infrared
heaters.  I called RoyalMax and was immediately send not 1, but 2 additional
heaters, at no additional charge, so I have a spare.  They are easy to
replace, and I had my roaster backup and running in a few days!
The only problem I have had is due to the aluminum drum.  While roasting
Sumatra Mandheling, one of the smaller beans got caught between the drum and
the outside wall and stalled the drum, even though it's gear driven.  I can
close the gap between the drum and the outside wall.  I have not done so
because I roast some very dark coffee for some of my friends at work, about
1 minute PAST the end of the 2nd crack!  When I do this the aluminum drum
expands to the point of just starting to rub against the outside wall.
I only wish the new owners (he now has a partner) of RoyalMax well, they
have been very good to me.  They encourage me to call them with any
questions or problems, using the 800 number.  So far I have roasted over 350
pounds of green with my unit, and have only had four bad batches.  The 2nd
roast that I did, I set the target temperature to low and the coffee was
underroasted.  I was able to reroast that batch to an Italian Roast however.
The other three were all due to the Sumatra problem.
Mark Beckman

8) From: javafool
That's it farm, looks like the one in my garage except the price is much
higher that I would have expected and the measuring cup is not the one that
came with the original units. I still use the Unimax bean catcher to
separate the chaff from the beans after my Hottop roasts.
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 13:08:35 -0400
From: "Edward Bourgeois" 
Found this on ebay.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageNameRK:MEWAX:IT&item=320313740367
 I see Tom had mention of it in the past and has been discontinued for
some time. Strange design and only 700+watts. I guess an early attempt
with a number of shortcomings.
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