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Topic: Peru Chanchamayo/Ethiopian Sidamo WP (6 msgs / 121 lines)
1) From: Ken Mary
Is the latest lot (shipped to me early January) of the Peru Chanchamayo La
Florida extremely spicy, or is it my imagination? I have no previous
experience with this bean. I can only compare the spiciness to a weak
Yirgacheffe. If this is normal, then this is one coffee that I will never be
without. Brightness was not as much as expected from Tom's review, however
that may have been due to my roast profile.
It was roasted in a WBI with a dimmer on the fan. The popper was preheated
to about 280F, first crack at 3 minutes, second at 4.3 minutes where the
roast was stopped. The slow cooling in the WBI may have reduced the
The Ethiopian Sidamo WP, which Tom compares to Yirg seems to have less spice
than the Peru. But the Peru is a less complex cup which may let the spice
come through unmasked. The Sidamo had a different roaster, similar profile,
but faster cooling.
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2) From: Les & Becky
Interesting Ken!  In my experience with my WBI, I don't feel I have a good
roast unless my profile lasts at least 6 minutes.  In my opinion, you just
can't heat through the bean in 3 min.  From cutting beans roasted too fast,
it seems as if you are looking at a medium rare steak!  Cooked on the
outside, but not on the inside. (I like medium rare steak, but not coffee
that isn't roasted through)  You may want to extend your profile some!  Or,
maybe you like your coffee medium rare!

3) From: Ken Mary
I do not want to extend the roast time, in fact I want to shorten it as much
as possible. This is difficult though, requiring fast mixing time to match
the heat input. But even in a 2.5 minute roast, the beans were the same
color throughout.
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4) From: Les & Becky
I am curious as to why you are shooting for shorter times.  Most of us are
trying to extend our times to bring out the complexity of the bean.  Maybe
we are missing something.

5) From: Ken Mary
I started out 3 years ago with long 20 minute roasts in a Melitta
Aromaroast. Then I fixed the Aromaroast so it could reach second in 10 to 15
minutes. I found a popper that would do it in 8 minutes and then another
popper in 5 minutes. With every reduction in time, the coffee got better. At
this point I see a pattern and build a 3 minute roaster, finding the best
coffee I have ever tasted. Actually the 3 minute roaster was an accident
while trying for a faster initial heatup in a 5 to 8 minute profile. Every
ten roasts or so, I do a slower profile and find the coffee less than
So nobody here drinks the Chanchamayo? More for me then.    8^)
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6) From: Ed Needham
I love it.  I've got a co-worker from Peru that buys a bit if it from me too.
Very drinkable coffee.
Ed Needham
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