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Topic: Source for a double shot espresso glass (8 msgs / 133 lines)
1) From: Mark Neuhausen
I currently use two stainless steel single shot "cups" and leave a lot of
the best crema on the sides of the cups.  Can someone please point me to a
good source for a double shot glass that I can use?
I have an old bartenders double shot glass, but somehow I don't think the
reading of "no survivors" is appropriate when serving someone my coffee.
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2) From: Ed Needham
Sell that 'No Survivors' shot glass to Dan Bollinger and go get the one you
Ed Needham
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3) From: Angelo
Why would you not want to serve it in espresso cups?
I usually drink americanos and what I do is to brew right into the full 
sized cup. I first measured how high along the sides 2 oz, went and bent a 
piece of wire over the edge down to that point. When I pour, I stop when 
the espresso reaches that point. I then fill the cup up with the hot 
water...No crema wasted..
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
LOL!  It would depend on which installment of Survivor the shot glass is.
I'm trying to complete the entire set.  ;)    Survivor: The Amazon starts in
3 weeks.  It is set in the rainforest of Brazil, but not where they grow
coffee.  (now I'm on topic!)  Dan
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
I do the same thing, Angelo, except I stop the pour when the stream matches
the color of my maple topped counter.
Oh,  I got my 1.5oz. shot glasses at GFS - Gordon Food Service.  Cheap, and
had a mark for 1 oz.
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6) From: The Scarlet Wombat
I started out using the sl90's automatic measuring to pull my shots and 
americanos, but now, I have it on program 0, meaning continuous, and can 
tell when it is properly extracted by the sound of the liquid pouring into 
the mug.  There is a distinctly frothy sound when you are getting the right 
crema, and the moment the extraction becomes wrong, the sound changes markedly.
I had wondered about this, because my next espresso machine may be a Giotto 
and it does not have the automatic measuring of the Solis.  Now, I know 
that I can pull a good shot strictly by sound.
Not to say the sl90 is a flabby machine, I get good espresso from it, but 
being as into coffee as I am into good music, one can never be satisfied 
with any but the best one can afford...and then a bit.
Besides, my CSA status might diminish if I did not aspire to a commercial 
grade machine.
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7) From: Ben Treichel
Actually I can pull a good shot from my Krups Gusto by sound also! Maybe 
I should PID it. ;-)
The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
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8) From: Ed Needham
To the tune of "Tommy"...

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