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Topic: OT-Traeger BBQ (7 msgs / 200 lines)
1) From: sho2go
We're thinking of getting one of these, partially because of gushing praise
here on the list.  To keep it short, I'm interested in the Deluxe or
Executive models, one around $800 and the other nearly $2K.  I plan on
building it into its own brick housing; anyone have any experience with
either or both of these?  We live close to the coast and regular painted
barbys rust after a fairly short time, and I don't want to have to go
through that.  Would we better served by getting the original Texas style,
larger version?  We normally don't host the neighborhood for a barbeque.
Recommendations, please.
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2) From: floyd burton

3) From: jim gundlach
If you are interested in one that will roast beans and BBQ right, you 
can look at the Cimarron, Stillwater, or Longhorn models at:
   http://www.bbq-grill-smokers.com/Brinkmann-smokers.html   You can roast the coffee over the fire box and do the BBQ in the 
smoke chamber.  These are made with heavy welded iron, 1/4 inch thick.  
They will rust but if you wait until you get a light rust and paint 
with the heat resistant version of Por-15, it will stand up to salt 
water.  They also have a lifetime waranty.
Jim Gundlach
On Tuesday, January 21, 2003, at 03:38 PM, floyd burton wrote:
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4) From: Mike McGinness
I have the Deluxe, with upgraded temp controller and added dome thermometer.
It is functionally 100% equivalent to the Executive and the exact same size
and design. Size? You could do a 20# Turkey if you wanted. I do 1/2 dozen
racks of babybacks at a time using the rib rack, could do more. 32 chicken
thighs exactly cover the grill area for a nice 3hr smoke. Again could do
more by using multiple level rack but it is just Debi and I! Did two pork
butts last weekend, no problem... If you're within a 5 or 6 hr drive of Mt.
Angel, OR it's worth the drive. I saved over 40% off list...
If you can afford the Exec' go for it. That SS will last forever. I just
could justify an extra $1000 for no added features but the SS. Five or ten
years from now I may regret the decision... But I don't have salt water to
contend with. All the other models, be it Texas barrel, Pick Pig or Texas
Longhorn, all are painted.
If and when you get a Traeger ask me about adjusting the "fixed feed" smoke
rate. Just found out how today! (to compensate for below freezing ambient
smoke sessions...:)
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'

5) From: floyd burton

6) From: sho2go
LOL.  Thanks for the advice, but I was serious about the OT.  I really only
wanted the Traeger for food BBQ, not coffee roasting.  I have an old Sunbeam
gas grill I'm fixing up to try roasting beans, but MM knows what the Traeger
is good for..............slow smoking, so the meat falls off the bones.
Getting hungry thinking about it, since its barbecue weather all year here,
time to get going.

7) From: sho2go
Mike, drop me an email; I'd like to talk to you off-list about this.  Change
the $.
Mike Thompson

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