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1) From: Bill Crew
Yup, things are getting out of hand with my home roasting hobby, as I 
suspected they might.  First, I got the Caffe Rosto.  Then, it stopped 
heating and I had no way to roast until it is repaired.  So, I ordered a 
FreshRoast for a backup in case this happens again.
This weekend, my roommate and I went to Kansas City to visit her folks.  We 
were explaining home roasting (ok, blathering at them despite their glazed 
looks) and mentioned that you could use hot air popcorn poppers. Her mom 
mentioned that they had one we could have if it would work.
So, now I have a WearEver Popcorn Pumper - the original one, yellow and 
white, 1400W, with the die-cast butter heater in the base.  A google search 
indicated this was a good one, so I'm pretty pleased!  Now, my first mod 
attempt will come - gonna try to bypass the thermostat, as it cut off mid 
roast the first time I tried it.
I'll post results, assuming I don't electrocute myself and/or burn the 
apartment down - I'm _not_ a hands-on hardware technical electrical guy.
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2) From: EuropaChris
You're out of hand???  Nahh,
5 Poppery I
3 Poppery II
4 Pumpers ('original')
1 wb roaster
1 HW Gourmet
1 Hamilton Beach Popaire (lousy roaster)
1 Alp
1 'Turbo' Oven
I figure I'll never run out of roasters.  But, get them while the gettin' is good, as the supplies of 'good' poppers (Mk. I Poppery or original Pumper) will only get smaller.
Bill Crew  wrote:
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3) From: Les & Becky
If your Wearever is like mine, you also have to plug the hole that is on the
base that is meant to melt the butter.  These tanks work almost as well as a
WBI !  I am sure you will enjoy yours.  I also replaced the plastic top with
the right size tin can with both ends cut out.

4) From: Bill
I was considering doing that, or using a hurricane lamp top.  What does 
that do to the chaff?  Just blow it straight up?
At 10:42 PM 1/22/2003 -0800, Les & Becky wrote:
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5) From: Les & Becky
Yes, the chaff just blows in the wind!  I live in a climate that allows me
to roast outside, so I don't worry about the chaff.  There have been plans
posted on building chaff collectors and you may want to check out the

6) From: Brad Boes
Regarding the chaff situation when using a hurricane lamp= here's what I
have found works well inside- I use a large grain bag- one that homebrewers
use- and tie that around the top of the lamp, using a piece of cotton
string.  Next I tie another  string to a clip (one of those small, black
office clips)- and hang the string from a knob on my range hood.  By
attaching the clip to the bag, I keep the bag pulled up and open enough for
the chaff to fly into.  This works really well, I have three poppers, and
will often roast a couple of pounds at a time, for friends.  Here's a URL
for the grain bag I am talking about-http://www.morebeer.com/image.php3?gfx=./images/bag24.jpgthis is just a picture, you get the idea.  The bags can take the heat, I've
never had one melt.
  I hope this is helpful, and that I've explained it well.  This is my first
post here, hopefully I haven't broken any protocols.
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7) From: James Gundlach
    Neat idea, and as far as I can tell no protocols broken.
       Jim Gundlach
On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 07:13 PM, Brad Boes wrote:
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