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Topic: Papua New Guiney - Purosa..help. (9 msgs / 174 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Jason I roast PNG just a bit into 2nd crack Full City. Rest 36 to 48 =
hrs. produces a rich buttery cup.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Jason Molinari
Hey all. Yesteday i roasted some PNG- purosa, to a city roast...somewhere around 421 on my therm. Now...they dont look very dark, i'd say a city roast, as Tom advised. I brewed up a vac pot of this coffee after resting for about 20 hrs.
I'm not very impressed. The coffee seems thin on body, not very flavorful, and i'm wondering if i didnt roast it dark enough..again:) (i guess i'm scared of overroasting stuff!) Or did i just not let this sit long enough?
How about if i put some digital pictures of the beans online and you guys can tell me if you thikn its too light? That would be most helpful.
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3) From: Steve McKinney
I'm drinking my first cup of the PNG Purosa right now, roasted about 48
hours ago to the first snap of 2nd crack (FR+ ~10 min).  It is rich and
full-bodied, with a balanced brightness, pretty much as Tom describes

4) From: John Wanninger
One (City+) batch of PNG Purosa I roasted had a nice wild fruitiness that
totally surprized me (something I would expect more in a DP ethiopian). I
could not find it to the same extent in subsequent roasts, but I still find
it quite good straight.  2 parts blended with 1 part of the Kenya Kii is
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5) From: Tom & Maria
Hi Jason -let me know if you put dig pics online and I will try to 
tell you how dark I think the roast is. Even if the color of the pic 
is off you can also tell by bean expansion how much it has roasted - 
more expansion makes the "edges" of the beans more rounded and the 
difference right before and just a little into 2nd crack are 
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6) From: Jason Molinari
Stevem could you send me a digital pic of your beans? Just wondering what they look like.
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7) From: Jason Molinari
That would be great Tom, thanks. I'll put them online somewhere tonite. 
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8) From: Marc Joseph
I am wondering at what stage the roast is at when the chaff in the crack 
of the bean disappears. I use that as one indicator of when the roast is 
finished since I've noticed that it is never present in commercially 
roasted coffee.
Tom & Maria wrote:
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9) From: Ed Needham
More chaff comes out as the roast progresses, but it also turns a darker
brown and is not as evident as it is near first crack.
Ed Needham
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