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Topic: Train derailment delays coffee! (10 msgs / 243 lines)
1) From: Spencer W. Thomas
I went to check on my order status today.  The UPS site shows this nasty 
*Jan 24, 2003*   6:00 A.M.   LENEXA, KS, US   TRAIN DERAILMENT CAUSED 
I don't know if that's reflected in my estimated Jan 28 delivery date or 
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2) From: Ben Treichel
Spencer W. Thomas wrote:
Probably not. But what are you complaining about. They did grind it for 
free. :-D
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3) From: Lowe, David
I hope your coffee wasn't damaged and that you have enough beans on hand =
to stand the delay. Might have to declare an emergency or something...
Dave Lowe

4) From: Chris Peters
I can just about see the rail traffic from my office window in Lenexa, KS.
I don't know of any train derailment today.  There was a train derailment in
Olathe (near Lenexa) a few days ago.

5) From: Mike Vanecek
You're telling me - my cc didn't go through once and the corresponding 
delay left me sans coffee for about a week, and I thought I was going 
bald and grey then...shudder. :)
Think coffee,
Lowe, David wrote:
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6) From: Spencer W. Thomas
The Kansas City Star http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/)has a 
picture of the derailed train.  The front loader they're apparently 
using for clean up doesn't make me happy.  I snagged the photo, in case 
it disappears from their website: http://hubris.umich.jstor.org/pix/train.jpg. The caption says
    Workers cleared debris today from a derailed flatcar carrying
    semi-trailers loaded with boxes from the track near the intersection
    of 78th Street and Holiday Drive in Kansas City, Kan.. No one was
    injured in the accident. /Shane Keyser, The Star/
I am getting low.  I might have to buy some preroasted some time next 
week. :-(  At least I can get reasonably fresh stuff (less than a week 
from roasting, usually).
Lowe, David wrote:
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
YIKES!   I was expecting 23# of beans today and they haven't come.  So I
tracked it and....  it was on that   same train!   I had no idea UPS used
rail.  Dan

8) From: Jeffrey A. Bertoia
If you need some.  I can arrange a care package in Brighton.
Spencer W. Thomas wrote:
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9) From: Steven Van Dyke
I live in KC and remember hearing about that train derailment in the traffic
reports this morning!  Of course, I live *way* up at the other end of KC -
about 30 or 40 miles from where it happened - so I didn't pay a whole lot of
attention.  Didn't really seem like it would have any impact on *my* morning
commute of 10 miles into downtown.
Hopefully your order is all durable goods like green coffee and such with
nothing easily broken.
Steve :->
http://www.svandyke.com<- my simple home page
http://www.cafeshops.com/stevespics<- my little store of Impressionist &
Special Events Photography stuff)

10) From: Spencer W Thomas
Thanks, Jeff.  I've got about 2 "batches" left (1/3 lb each) -- one 
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry and one Sulawesi Old Toraja.  That should 
take me at least to the middle of the week.  And I've got about 2/3 lb 
of Monkey blend, although I don't usually drip that. :-)
The UPS site shows that my package is once again "In Transit" as opposed 
to the "Exception" that was showing yesterday.  It's already arrived in 
Illinois.  They're pretty efficient!
Today's KC Star has a full article about the derailment.  Here's some of it:
Train carrying UPS packages derails in KCK
*The Kansas City Star*
As many as 30,000 United Parcel Service packages en route from San 
Francisco to Chicago will be delayed because a freight train derailed 
Friday in Kansas City, Kan.
The train derailed about 5:40 a.m. near Holliday Drive and 78th Street, 
just west of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad's large rail yard.
No one was hurt, and no hazardous materials spilled in the accident, 
said Steve Forsberg, general director of public affairs for Burlington 
Northern in Kansas City, Kan.
Forsberg said that the Burlington Northern train had 46 cars, including 
some flat-bed cars with two or more trailers on top. The second through 
tenth cars derailed as the train was crossing from one main track to 
Four of the cars that derailed flipped, spilling 10 UPS trailers. The 
remaining cars that derailed remained upright, Forsberg said.
Kelly Shillito, district human resources manager for UPS in Lenexa, said 
UPS bused 150 workers to the scene to salvage the packages. The workers 
loaded the packages onto trucks, where they were taken to the UPS hub in 
Lenexa. There, workers scanned the packages into the UPS system so they 
could be delivered as quickly as possible.
"We are not sure how many packages there are for sure," Shillito said. 
"But I would guess there are 20,000 to 30,000 packages, many of which 
are not damaged at all."
Shillito estimated that only 5 percent of the packages were damaged. The 
dry, cold weather kept more from being damaged. She said some packages 
were damaged as the trailers were ripped open during the accident. Some 
packages spilled out on the ground.
Jeffrey A. Bertoia wrote:
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