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Topic: NPR story - Costa Rican Coffee Plantation (6 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: Alan Marchiori
I heard this on NPR on my way home today.  About a guy who roasts his on
coffee, and is basically obsessed with coffee, who wants to buy a
plantation in Costa Rica.  Sounded like 99% of the people on this list
(I wouldn't be suprized if he _was_ on this list).  I couldn't find a
transcript of the story, but I did find a short summary (below).  Anyhow
just thought other people might be interested.  Also he wants to
specialize in coffee that is eaten by cats and pooped out.  I have never
heard of this, but they say it's worth lots of $. 
Commentary: Coffee Plantation Dream 
Commentator Andrei Codrescu tells about his friend's dream of buying a
coffee plantation in Costa Rica and making money selling beans on the
web. His friend also wants to use a certain duck that eats raw coffee
beans and poops out a better bean. Of course, the friend has no money. 
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2) From: floyd burton

3) From: James Gundlach
I heard the story also.  The guy's dream is to buy a Costa Rican 
plantation and grow good coffee.  He buys green beans over the internet 
and roasts his own and grinds it fresh.  His dream to get rich is to 
buy the plantation, which is apparently fairly cheap, build some cabins 
to rent out, import some Sumatran Luwaks and feed the beans to them and 
sell his beans for big bucks over the internet.  He is probably unhappy 
with Codrescu for broadcasting his business plan? to the world.  After 
tomorrow the story should be on NPR site to play on demand with 
    Jim Gundlach
On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 05:42 PM, Alan Marchiori wrote:
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
I wonde if his proforma took into account the price reduction in Kopi Luwak
once he begins loading the market with his?  Dan
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5) From: Michael Horowitz
Well, will it be duck-poop coffee or weasel-poop? - Mike
At 06:40 PM 1/24/03 -0600, James Gundlach wrote:
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6) From: dewardh
once he begins loading the market with his?
I wonder also if he has factored in the cost of cat food . . . civits live not 
on coffee alone . . . (there are lots of "holes" in the plan . . . those of the 
civits not necessarily the biggest . . . ).
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