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Topic: Curteousy in The Coffee Shop (5 msgs / 81 lines)
1) From: TRiddle854
I recently visited a coffee shop while traveling. I do this regularly 
(traveling and in the visiting) in hopes of finding a good local roaster of a 
"Cup of Joe." The coffee tasted like water but it did not have a bitter taste 
that I could detect, suggesting less grounds and too much water. When I 
returned and commented on what I experienced and that I was a home roaster it 
fell on deaf ears. The proprietor merely thrust a dollar in my hands which I 
refused, asking for another cup of a different roast. That cup also was the 
same. At that point I left, a pilgrim still in search of a good cup of 
What are some thought on how to politely inform a coffee shop proprietor from 
a semi-informed experience as a home roaster that either his grind to water 
ratio is way out of line or his coffee brewing denies his customers the 
quality experience of savoring the flavor of his beans? Thoughts?

2) From: Ben Treichel
I would say that he simply doesn't care.
It just seemed like the right business opportunity. (This is also why 
most microbrewers are in the same boat). If he liked coffee he would 
either be interested in talking to you, or know that his product was 
substandard. If he knew, he didn't care.
TRiddle854 wrote:

3) From: Les & Becky
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That is why I pack my own traveling kit for making my own brew on the =
road!  Hey, the cowboys did it, and they didn't have the fine electric =
hot water pots or a nice portable grinder or a good french press!  It is =
best to pack your own!
Roasting and turning tampers in S. Oregon

4) From: John Abbott
A good thing to keep in mind if you plan on flying is to store the beans in
a clear plastic bag.... the guys in security tend to get a little excited
when they find sealed bags! And be prepared to explain the hand grinder
because it must look ominous on the x-ray machine.
John - not going anywhere I can't walk for awhile

5) From: Ben Treichel
So do plastic french presses. All they see is the metal rod down the 
middle. Things got a little tense for a second.
Good thing I'm not a pilot for NWA. ;-)
John Abbott wrote:
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