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Topic: Brand new Mazzer and glass filter (10 msgs / 251 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Glad to have you back John.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: David York
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What is the secret?  I have a Hario vac pot.  I am using a glass filter =
from a Cona vac pot with the Hario.  I am using my brand new Mazzer to =
do the grinding.  I know that a glass filter requires a more course =
grind.  I seem to have a very course grind but am still stalling every =
pot.  Is it possible my grind is too course.  Any ideas?  Is it time to =
go back to paper filters?
David York

3) From: Chris Beck
It's possible the Cona rod just doesn't match well with the Hario pot. 
 My Yama didn't like a Cory rod, either.  No problem using my Cona rod 
with my Cona D, however.  They are finicky things...
davidyork1 wrote:
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4) From: John Abbott
  I'm not a Hario user, but am a Cona user and the principles have to be
about the same, so here's my 2 cents worth.
  The portion of the glass rod that makes contact with the pot must be kept
very clean.  A stall can be caused by a poor vacuum seal between the units;
insufficient heat to the water going north - and miniscule amounts of chaff
being ground with the beans - the chaff is supple and forms a nice seal if
there is enough in the coffee.
  The best grind for my Cona is exactly the size of drip ground commercial
coffee.  As a matter of fact we made (and dumped) a couple of pots with
commercial coffee just to make sure that the final problem was with MY
  I found that there are several really nasty words that you can scream at
the top of your lungs - doesn't make the coffee move but you feel better -
check with me off-line :O)
Happy Cupping
John - so very glad to be back in the warmth of TEXAS!!

5) From: Mike McGinness
Welcome back John! Hope all is as well as can be expected with your family.

6) From: John Abbott
Hi Ron, Thanks and know that its good to be home and have the list and my
coffee running again.
John - waiting on Monday's 75 degree weather!

7) From: Ed Needham
Nice to have you back, John.
Jump in and hang on.
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

8) From: John Abbott
Thank Ed, I really need to catch up with the dialog.  But its nice to be

9) From: Dana Kaempen
davidyork1 wrote:
 > What is the secret?  I have a Hario vac pot.  I am using a glass
 > filter from a Cona vac pot with the Hario.  I am using my brand new
 > Mazzer to do the grinding.  I know that a glass filter requires a more
 > course grind.
I can't speak for a Cona glass rod, but I can speak for the Cory glass rod. 
  I bought mine on eBay, where I see them pop up regularly, generally in 
the single digit price range.  I have the Hario Deco (*wonderful* vac pot!) 
and I've never used my Hario without the Cory.  It works beautifully each 
time.  See if you can lay your hands on one and I bet you'll brew a perfect 
Good luck!
"Keep the wheels rolling." - Anonymous traffic prophet
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10) From: Garrik
 "Chris Beck" said:
I've used a "new" Cory rod with a Cory vac, a Yama 5 cupper, and an old GE
pot.  I've had good luck with all three.
Having said that, I was going through some interesting issues.  When I first
got the Cory pot, the seal wasn't great.  I was losing vacuum pretty
regularly, but I couldn't tell.  Once that was fixed, I had fewer stalls.
But it still happened once in a while.  I would also have problems with the
brew taking a long time to begin sending the water up, then quickly sneding
it all up in a very short time (I don't believe it was superheating the
water- it wasn't quite that violent).
I've refined my methods somewhat, and haven't had a stall in 4-5 months.
Now, I leave the top off until the water in the bottom is steaming.  Then, I
put the top on, but no coffee in it.  Then, I wait for the water to show
steady progress moving to the top, grind the beans, and toss them in.  Mix
while thewater finishes the trip up, then "cook" for 90 seconds.  Remove
from heat, and "bang!" - it comes back down.
A few last comments- Since I've switched up methods, I've also moved to a
new house.  Our old pad had gas heating, the new one has electric.  Out new
stove is a ceramic top.  Very sweet.
The grind I've been using for vacs is slightly coarser than espresso.  I go
one click coarser than I use for freshly roasted espresso (2-3 days old).
This is on my trusty Maestro, which it ~1 year old.  Hope this helps!
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