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1) From: John Abbott
Thanks Mike.  Its been a tough two months, lost my mom, my sister-in-law and
my mother-in-law.  The only good part of the past month was Carolyn's
incredibly loving family.  I failed to get to Sweet Maria's and I was only
38 miles from them. But we will be going back out in the summer and I'll
raid them then.  I cleaned up my Solis, and opened a pouch of Kona and life
restarted yesterday evening.
I received $105 worth of Sweet Maria's gift certificates (my family knows my
buttons) so I'm open for suggestions on some beans to invest in.
Good Cupping!
John - good to be back on the list

2) From: Wendy Sarrett
Glad you're back John!  My thoughts are with you and yours.
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3) From: John Abbott
Thanks Wendy - It's really good to be back.

4) From: TFisher511
Welcome back John, we had a void in this group for quite a while.
Terry F

5) From: John Abbott
Thanks Terry - the nonsense will now commence to flow!

6) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- John Abbott  wrote:
 Yes indeed, a big old void,and not near enough nonsense! ;o)
Bienvenido Juancho. You know we missed you and felt for you.
 What's in the roaster tonight? I ordered my first Malabar Gold
and more of that great Harar Tom carries.  Waiting for the
*real* good stuff to head up from Oaxaca in a week or so. I'll
save ya a lb.
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7) From: Victor Blackwell
I noticed you mentioning "Harar"  I tried it for the first time today.  I
had it sitting around and wanted to demo my roaster to my son.  When he
measured out a the 64 oz. he ran out of coffee.  So I told him to rebag it
and pick something else.  He randomly picked the Harar.  So we roasted it.
The first sip and I thought we had done something wrong.  Well after a
couple of more sips it was wonderful.  It was even great when the coffee
cooled.  I don't think I have had an experience like this before.
Did you have a similar experience?  or was this just an anomaly?
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8) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Victor Blackwell  wrote:
 The first time I ever had a properly dry processed coffee it
did set me back, for a moment. Then I was hooked forever before
I finished the cup. It's the real thing, what really made coffee
popular centuries before the Dutch started the fermentation and
washing process on their plantations that's now universal and
produces the cleaner cup we all have gotten used to. If the
weather during drying isn't perfectly dry the coffee turns out
so funky it's really hard to take. So fermenting and washing is
a safer way to go, generally speaking
   The best Harar can't be beat IMO. Harar I've bought from
other sources has been disapointing most of the time. There's a
lot of fraud where Ethiopian coffee is conscerned, for one
thing. Coffee is brought in from other parts of Africa to try
and gain the higher prices that many buyers (especially from
Arab states) pay for Ethiopia's best. Tom's carefull cupping
from well cultivated contacts helped make your first cup of
Harar a good one. The genetic deversity of the Harar trees adds
much to the pleasure in the cup. Not for everyone, but that's
ok-more for us!
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9) From: floyd burton
Vic-Tom's descriptions of the Ethopian Coffee's are great-they make a great
change of pace coffee.  But be careful buying any of the "premium" priced
beans-buy from someone like Tom who knows how to cup and does.  The more
expensive the beans - well you have been around.  Read Tom's reviews and try
all of the various Ethopian beans.  You can just look at the beans and get
an idea of how varied they are and this IMHO is just a hint at the really
rugged conditions in which they grow.  Yep I have some of all and really
like them.

10) From: John Abbott
Hi Charlie!!  I'll take that pound!  I've been off listening to the
Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival.  Fabulous night - and for old time sake
I'm drinking a Russian Caravan Tea.  I'm setting up my order from Sweet
Maria's (BIG Christmas - $105 in gift certificates) and it will be Mexican
to Panama.   I still have some of my Malabar left and maybe I should get
more while I'm at it.  The Roaster is set up for Miel because I'm out of
roasted Miel.
I hope this cold snap doesn't make its way south - it is unreal how cold it
has been here while we were gone - in the 40's! I'm ready for the Super
Bowl - and then Monday we get back into the mid 70's.
John - who may never leave home again :O)

11) From: Ben Treichel
So are you going to challenge miKe for the Kona Krown? His percentage of 
Kona's to the rest of his stash is below a passing grade, and he's been 
awful silent about if the percentage has increased.
John Abbott wrote:
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12) From: John Abbott
Kind of hard since he keeps going over to personally pick his stash.  I
might try that with Mexican but Oaxca Charlie already has that nailed. I
probably have the CRLM market beat with 44#.  I keep seeing something good
on Tom's web pages - I keep asking what's good and nobody's talking :O)
John - in the process of roasting some great smelling Miel

13) From: Ben Treichel
Ah, but his % of Kona in his stash is (way) below 60%. And you are the 
one that went ther 25# of Kona with in a time period that shamed and 
impressed miKe.
John Abbott wrote:
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14) From: John Abbott
I don't buy for the pride of ownership - when I get it - its headed for the
cup!  I did do a limited amount of sharing with friends and neighbors.  This
place was very popular while the Kona lasted :O)

15) From: Les & Becky
Welcome back John!  My prayers have been with you, as I deal with your
delema on a daily basis.  However, I know that when it come to family it is
much different!  I am just glad that I can be there to give folks spiritual
and emotional support.  Looking forward to some good coffee reports and
humor from you again!
Roasting and turning tampers in S. Oregon
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16) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 01:20 PM 1/25/2003, John Abbott typed:
John, really good to have you back.
There is a new Timor, Java and aged Sumatra that are all quite worth the 
investment.  And a whole bunch of Brazilians that I haven't tried, but 
would love to (Brazils being one of my favorite types).
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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17) From: John Abbott
Thanks John, I added the Timor and aged Sumatra (had Java). The last
Brazilian I tried came from brand X and was grassy. You'd think by now I
wouldn't be tempted by other vendors.  But I did the right thing - sent it
to my daughter in Ohio :O)
John - Would the answer to How's your Gestalt be "I'm in good shape"?

18) From: John Abbott
Good idea, and its almost what we are doing. I've been home roasting for
about 25 years and there are few that I haven't tried at least once - but
now I'm working my way back through the list to requalify them in the drum
roaster.  I actually have Tom's list printed and in my roasting log.  But I
began keeping my log on Excel spread sheets - until I crashed my computer -
and lost ALL my records (happens about every 8 months).s
John - NOT liking the way the game is going

19) From: Sharon Allsup
On 25 Jan 2003, at 15:20, John Abbott wrote:
Welcome back!  Here's what I did when I had a bunch of found 
money to pour into coffee:  I went through the SM site and bought  
1lb of everything I didn't already have in stock.  It came out to 
almost 40 types.  Covers the spectrum of continents, varietals and 
bean types.  A few others that we liked or that from the description 
I was certain we'd like were bumped up to 2lbs, and of course a 5lb 
Ehthiopean for my husband (mega wife points).
You can try almost 20 different varieties for your $105, if you buy in 
the 1lb size.  Tack in a few bucks for shipping and you're set.  I'm 
getting about 6 pots out of each 1lb bag.  That's enough for us to 
decide if we want to try that type again, how'd it rank, at least one 
roast done very light and another very dark.   Sort of like a buffet 
dinner.  :)
Sharon Allsup
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