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1) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Finally got the circuit boards for my two dead Gourmets from Hearthware 
today.  I stalled one and it works perfectly...for the moment.  I'm taking 
odds on how many roasts I get from it. [grin]
Home roasting is such fun, it is a shame that we cannot get a decent 
roaster that will work maybe two years with no problems.  It sounds like 
the newer Rostos are not satisfactory.  The new Hearthware is due, so they 
say, out at the end of March into April sometime.  But, the Linda person 
told me it is a digital unit and she doubts if a blind person can use 
it.  I am rather displeased at this.
I offered to be a beta tester, she said there were many such offers.  I 
said I'll bet I was the only blind person who had asked, and I was correct, 
but they seemed uninterested.
I swear, I'm going to start a small coffee roasting business just to get a 
decent roaster.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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2) From: Ed Needham
BBQ Grill roasting is a very non-visual type of roasting.  I go by temp and
grill knob settings, as well as cracks.  I don't look at the roast until it's
cooling in the cooler I rigged up.  I don't think there is any part of the
process that demands vision as long as you know your way around your grill
and use heat resistant gloves, as I do.
If you're good with tools, it's an easy process.  If not, I'm sure you could
have one built fairly easily.  I may build a couple of drums myself.  You can
have first crack at it when that happens, if you wish.
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

3) From: Ben Treichel
My FR works good, and pretty simple too. It doesn't really need to be 
variac'ed. As I am learning with it, if its feed around 100 volts, it 
will roast to city in about 13 minutes. A little voltage step down, and 
wall dc power supply, and you could time, smell, and listen to your 
roasts. If your interested get a hold of me.
The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
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4) From: TFisher511
coconut writes:
You successfully use the SL-90 and it is digital. Like I posted before you 
purchased that, if you loose track where you are on the display, just unplug 
it and start over again. That does not work for all digital controls but 
there is usually some way to max it out and start from wherever that is. Too 
many people are terribly nearsighted and underestimate the capabilities of 
If the machines ever hit the market you have a great support group here to 
assist. I am quite capable of learning my way around a brewer or roaster or 
whatever, than closing my eyes and trying to explain how I might accomplish 
the task at hand in the dark.
Keep your chin up Dan, it makes a much easier target that way:)
Terry F

5) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Ed, thank you, I may consider that.  I will be getting one of the Treager 
pellet smoker/grills like Mike McKona has, seems like a natural extension.
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6) From: The Scarlet Wombat
Gee thanks, Terry, I'll remember that about my chin...he says as he hides 
behind his wine rack.
Okay, I'll let somebody else get the new Hearthware and have them describe 
it to me, I'll not be the guinea pig.
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7) From: Ed Needham
I think Mike stated the Traeger does not get hot enough unless you use the
side heatbox chamber (available on some BBQ grills, not sure about Traegers).
Ed Needham
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8) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 02:44 PM 1/25/2003, The Scarlet Wombat typed:
In what vein do you desire suggestions?
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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9) From: David Westebbe
Steve from Two Loons Coffee uses his nose with his Diedrich shop roaster.  I
visited him for an afternoon.  Once the temp starts to get in range, he
ignores color, time and temp, and smell the coffee in the tryer.
You might do the same thing.  A 5 kilo drum roaster would allow you to gross
a few hundred bucks a day, and depending on markup and expenses, could net
you enough to live on.
Just set a temperature alarm for "almost first crack" and use your nose and
your ears for everything else.
Just a thought.
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