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Topic: Building my list (5 msgs / 88 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
In setting down to do some serious restocking, I find myself woefully short
of Africans and I'm out of almost all the Island beans - Mike time for
another Kona run!?  I can't find where Tom last had ISH - when does that
happen again?
Anyone have a particularly great bean discovery this past month?
John - dorogoi dlinnoyou nad palyamee!
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2) From: Jack Berry
John, I'm pretty crazy about the Guatemalan Coban Tanchi. I think it's great
8 hrs out of the roaster and it gets better.

3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
 Mike time for another Kona run!?
John, I'll contact you off list. If enough are interested I'll make it
happen. Anyone else interested contact me off list and I'll get
Kommunications rolling (after the Super Bowl, pre-game up on a computer
I don't remember but hopefully sometime soon. Ordering direct is so iffy. I
did get both orders I placed direct, just many many months later!
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4) From: John Abbott
Jack - yeah that's the really great thing about most Guatemalans - my
favorite hurry up job is Huehuetanengo.  It is ready in about 4 hours and
continues to get sweeter for the next two days.

5) From: Les & Becky
Start looking for ISH in March, but don't expect to see it until May!
Enjoying a bold cup of Monsooned Malabar with Chicory!

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