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Topic: Taste buds getting more discerning--and what a fascinating hobby (6 msgs / 124 lines)
1) From: Mark Neuhausen
My coffee continues to improve and I am starting to taste things that I
could not taste before.  I noticed a few days ago that several different
coffee types, made as Americanos, all had a very slight sour taste.  I have
a Starbucks Barista machine.  I did some research and decided that my
extraction temperature was likely too cold.
I did some timing and am now surfing the temperature.  For an Americano, I
pull a blank shot to get everything hot.  I then put the portafilter under
my grinder and grind the coffee into it and put it back on the machine.  By
then the ready light is again on, and I now run my 4 oz. of hot water into a
glass to pour into my preheated coffee cup.  At about the 3 oz. mark, the
ready light goes off.  I put my cup under the portafilter and start pulling
my shot 25 seconds after drawing the hot water, and just before the ready
light normally comes on.  The coffee is noticeably hotter and the sourness
is gone.  I realize that I can also temperature surf by turning on the steam
switch for seconds before pulling a shot, and may do that next as Americanos
provide me with a use for the hot water I draw, while an espresso would not.
This is really a fascinating hobby.  I have a friend in New Jersey who
bought a Sweet Maria's sample pack and is roasting, and sent three roasted
varieties to another friend in New Jersey who refers to it as inspirational
after his first cup.  It is exciting to realize that my best coffee today
will probably barely make my taste cut in a year.
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Mark Neuhausen" 
 This is really a fascinating hobby.  I have a friend in New Jersey
Sounds like you're having fun and applying new ideas. (great job on
improving your shots BTW) I know I roast much lighter overall compared to
two years ago. Brings out more of the varietal characteristics rather than
*roast* taste. As I roasted lighter I found it desirable, to my tastes, to
increase the roast time. (typical Island profile for me is 14min pre-second
crack light full city my 440f) Maintains great high notes and has excellent
body and complexity. All I can say is,
Enjoy the Journey!
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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3) From: Steven Van Dyke
Now that you're trapped we should tell you - you'll soon find it near
impossible to get a simple cup of coffee anywhere but home.  I'm down to two
places in my end of Kansas City.  There *are* still a couple of coffee-based
drinks I can get a *$ though so it's not too bad.  It's just a simple cup of
coffee that's gotten so hard to get.
Steve :->
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4) From: Ben Treichel
Steven Van Dyke wrote:
Or you'll end up like me, where I was thrilled that the place i visted 
today have a viena super auto, with Illy in it.
Light years above what was int he other pot for the 'Ameicans".

5) From: John Abbott
Ben, Illy is roasted in Italy isn't it? I wonder how fresh it was when it
was received by the coffee shop, and then by the time you had a cup. It must
have been the Super Auto :O)

6) From: Ben Treichel
I'll take stale whole bean coffee freshly ground, vs Maxwell House 
sitting on a burner 101 times out of  100.
John Abbott wrote:
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