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Topic: Espresso and Kaiwamururu (8 msgs / 206 lines)
1) From: Jim Schulman
Ok, Tom says Kenyans aren't suitable for espresso, 
and mostly I agree (after spending months trying 
to incorporate the Karumandi aroma, and never 
quite taming the aggressive roast flavor). But 
there's exceptions to every rule, and the 
Kaiwamururu is it. It hasn't gotten raves on this 
list for regular brewing, but I recommend it for 
The roast flavor is a much softer caramel, and the 
origin flavor is not quite wine, not quite citrus, 
let's call it a lemony white wine like Riesling. 
When mixed 2:1 with a mocha, magic happens - the 
heady complexity of the mocha is preserved, but 
amped up by that powerful Kenya muscle. This is my 
first blend with an aroma that really punches 
through a cappa.
FYI, here's the recipe (not really recommending 
it, this email is about the Kaiwamururu):
Roast 1 (fast beans to lighter full city): 50% 
Kaiwamururu, 25% Mocha, 25% Brazil (CPQ, can't 
wait to try the all tree dried Bleu).
Roast 2 (slow beans to a darker full city): 50% 
Budadiri, 25% Sulawesi, 25 % Nanga Farms Robusta.
Mix the two roasts and enjoy.
Jim Schulman
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2) From: floyd burton
Thanks for the post Jim.  I am slowly getting my careening drum roaster
under control-only throwing about 1/3 of roasts away now and some are really
good so your blending/roasting suggestions for spresso is very helpful for
the next stage of my adventure with the bean.  Is lighter full city somewhat
into the second crack and no oil with darker FC being well into the second
crack and some oil.
Oh I save all the posts that are helpful in my adventure.  Save them by
topic - a lot of really good info is available from these forums.  Thanks

3) From: Jim Schulman
Hi Floyd,
I'm enjoying yours and others drum roasting 
adventures too. Now all I need is a backyard and 
some coffee crazy neighbors!
I'm glad someone's organizing the posts, since the 
archives are hard to traverse. Maybe you can post 
them -- "Collected Homeroating Tips"
I call a light city roast anywhere from a few 
snaps of the second to the start of the rolling 
one, and a dark one from there to the height of 
the second. No oil/oil is also a good indicator.
On 29 Jan 2003 at 17:02, floyd burton wrote:
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4) From: sho2go
A while ago I would have agreed with you, and gone further.  But several
folks here mentioned several remedies, primarily (I think) regarding
lengthening the roast, and a hotter extraction temp.  Now I find the
dark-roasted (1-1/2 min. into 2nd crack) at 10:30 in my HWP makes a
delicious Americano, espresso straight, or latte shot.  I have also had to
start surfing the temps on my old Gaggia Proteo machine; its normal 190 F
temps will definitely make a sour extraction on the Kenya.

5) From: Jim Schulman
I generally do longish light roasts; but it's a 
question of taste. I dislike aggressive roast 
flavors, so the Kenyans that get a strong bite at 
darker roasts aren't to my taste. Hotter 
extractions of darker roasts also tend to 
accentuate the roast flavors.
On 29 Jan 2003 at 15:20, sho2go wrote:
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6) From: john kangas
I'll rave, this stuff's good! If you do a slower warmup to 300 degrees, slow 
enough you only get 6 or 10 pops of first crack, that really gets the 
caramel going! The old Popcorn Pumper hits 300 in 4 or 5, and first crack in 
7 or 8 minutes, with a little fiddling, and the cold outdoor roasting. Right 
at the first crack of second, it's butterscotch, a little lighter, and it's 
It's a little tricky to get just right at first, but it's a real treat when 
it works.
The same slow warmup works well with the Kii, too. Even better, buttery, 
caramelly, with a little pecan... Discovered that the day it ran out. :-(
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7) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 Note the variety. Typica.Very high grown, too. Many Kenyans are
Caturra/Bourbon crosses and the acidity is indeed intense. I can
only image how nice it might be if they grew it in shade...
--- john kangas  wrote:
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8) From: Jim Schulman
On 30 Jan 2003 at 3:51, john kangas wrote:
Yeah, I know the feeling. If one goes after the 
unique coffees, they run out. But there's always 
the next discovery, and who needs consistency?
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