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Topic: Rocky grind settings (5 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: Mark Neuhausen
 Many thanks to Ben for arranging the group buy for the Rockys.  My
doserless model arrived today and has already made two double shots.  From
an observation point, the ground coffee looked more regular and a consistent
grind than I have ever gotten from my Solis Maestro.
I know I can get there by trial and error, but was looking to learn from
some one else's experience.  I am at +7 (from burrs touching) for espresso.
Any estimates on where I should be for French Press?  For a ristretto?
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2) From: jim gundlach
For the FP I'd try about 25 to 30 notches up.  For the ristretto you 
are asking for a controversy.  In general you want to keep the tamp you 
are happy with and adjust the grind, try notch 5 first,  to get about 
3/4 oz in 23 to 25 seconds.
    Just my humble opinion.  Others may disagree.
Jim Gundlach
On Wednesday, January 29, 2003, at 09:41 PM, Mark Neuhausen wrote:
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3) From: Ben Treichel
I'm at 7 (+3 +7) for my espresso grind. I get 2 oz, from a double in 26 
seconds with my standard tamp.
Also, mod'e my grinder by taking out the 'finger cover' in the hopper, 
and the chute cover. By removing the 'finger cover's I can brush down 
the inside, and the chute directly.
jim gundlach wrote:
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4) From: Angelo
I want to take out the finger guard, but it looked like it was part of the 
hopper. How did you do it? BTW, are you as disappointed with the metal 
finishing around the adjusting lock as I am? It looked like it was cut out 
with tin snips. I'm gonna look for some 1/8 " channeled rubber to put 
around it...As you know, I bought two - one for my son, and both are cut 
like that.... and both are cut differently. Both definitely done by 
(caffinated?) hand...
Another thing I find interesting is that the stainless steel part faces the 
wall. I look at black metal. I guess Rancilio expects that we will set 
these up in a bar-type situation, rather than on a kitchen counter...
Anyway, I still love it...Even though I haven't yet got it dialed in, the 
"bad" shots are better than any from the rest of my grinders..
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5) From: Ben Treichel
Angelo wrote:
Nope, it just sits on top of the hopper.
Mine is clean, but the lock button sits at an angle.
Like I asked you before, can I be your son next time?
Yes. I get a solid puck now, and with a stall I don't have grounds caked 
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