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Topic: Are We Snobs? (15 msgs / 283 lines)
1) From: Alexandre Enkerli
As Ted Nottingham was saying:
Which connects to something I've been thinking about. Are we 
necessarily nitpicking snobs, condescending purists, self-righteous 
connoisseurs who are too "sophisticated" for their own good? I expect 
the answer to be a resounding "no", of course. But we do have to 
explain our choices, sometimes, and even, gasp!, justify them without 
sounding like intolerant critics.
How do you cope with this?
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Alexandre Enkerli" 
Justify? To whom? And why? Only possibility would be someone's better half.
Fortunately I've got that covered. I make her an Americano or Cafe' Crema at
the drop of a hat, grind and vac seal little individual packets of her
favorite home roasts to take to work etc. In return she's buys me Rocky for
Christmas:) Anyone else doesn't even matter. Search the archives for "CSA"!
(oh, the answer to the post subject is yes:)
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
.. But we do have to 
explain our choices, sometimes, and even, gasp!, justify them without 
sounding like intolerant critics.
How do you cope with this?
Cope? I'm a CSA member, of course I'm a snob. No justification needed. =
You either like me, or my coffee, or you don't. Home Roasting Rules :O)
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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4) From: John Abbott
Eric, just wear your CSA blazer and nobody needs an explanation :->

5) From: Foster
Snobs? No I don't think so. Never. Not necessarily. Not us. Not 
everyone, anyway.
Obsessive-compulsive? Er...um.... No comment.
R. Foster
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6) From: David Westebbe
 But we do have to
Try this:
"Yeah, I have a lot of fun.  It's easy, and I get great tasting coffee.  Not
only that, It's a lot cheaper than buying coffee at the store!"
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7) From: Prabhakar Ragde
I try to phrase it in terms of a quality-price tradeoff. With wine,
one more or less gets an increase in quality with an increase in price
(with careful shopping), but the increment in quality may not be worth
the cost. I also talk about ignoring extraneous factors (trendiness,
"atmosphere", and so on). Finally, I point out areas where my tradeoff
point is lower -- my stereo system is not particularly good, and the
TV on which I watch rented DVDs is not particularly large. With that
context, it becomes possible to argue that because I care about taste,
I'm willing to put up with a bit of inconvenience, and the cost is not
way out of line, home roasting, blending, and espresso making is right
for me with the equipment I've chosen. That lets my listener choose
whether it is right for them. And yes, it does not always work, and I
get accused of being a snob. --PR
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8) From: Dan Bollinger
I sometimes use the price/quality argument, too.  But only as an
encouragement for them to begin home-roasting.  I see no reason whatsoever
to justify my hobby or interests.  My wife is into raising orchids.  How to
justify that?  You can't and shouldn't have to. I do it because I like to.
Besides, I don't golf, think of the money I'm saving.... Oh, there I go,
justifying myself again!  Durn.

9) From: Angelo
As long as I do no harm, I have no need to justify any of my choices...If I 
had given any thought to all the people who used to ask me, "How can you 
listen to that music? It just sounds like noise", I would have missed out 
on many wonderful hours listening to, and playing, jazz.
As far as cheaper goes, one can get 5 lb. cans of Folgers,or store brand 
coffee, for much cheaper than we pay. Plus, we would have to factor in the 
cost of that FreshRoast/Cafe Roasto/Alpenroast/Silvia/Livia/ 
Giotto,  Rocky/Mazzer/Variacs/PID's and the innumerable "accessories" that 
go into being a snob.
If someone shows a sincere interest in learning more, I will regal them 
with more info than they would ever want to know. If there is a criticism, 
veiled or otherwise, I just tell them it's what I enjoy doing with MY 
(<--important) money... end of story.
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10) From: John Abbott
Angelo, did the government know that you had money - before you posted this?

11) From: Lee XOC
< On Behalf Of Alexandre Enkerli
< Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 9:32 PM
< But we do have to
< explain our choices, sometimes, and even, gasp!, justify them without
< sounding like intolerant critics.
< How do you cope with this?
Everyone either has one or more hobbies or activities that they pursue
much more so than the average person, or else they're some lazy
depressed slob who doesn't like anything and just sits around all the
Many of the people who shake their heads in wonder at the idea of
spending time roasting coffee beans spend crazy amounts of time on
others thing, e.g. one guy who has his own hydraulic lift in his garage
and spends all his time out there working on his car, another who
obsessively cultivates roses, another who is constantly involved in home
improvement activities, etc....
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego
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12) From: Angelo
My point is as long as I've earned the money, I can basically spend it on 
what I choose. Since caffeine is still legal, the gov't doesn't enter into 
this. Besides, as long as they get their pound of flesh, the gov't doesn't 
seem to care... Witness cigarette and liquor tax revenues.
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13) From: John Abbott
Lee, you could have just stopped at TV watching and cover it all!  Have you
picked up a TV guide lately? People actually watch that stuff? Talk about a
waste of time!!   Perfecting a great cup of coffee is head and shoulders
above All Star Wrestling - or Reality Immorality!

14) From: Lee XOC
< On Behalf Of John Abbott
< Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 11:59 AM
< Lee, you could have just stopped at TV watching and cover it 
< all!  
Very true ... they don't it The Opiate of The Masses for nothing!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lee / San Diego
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15) From: Steven Van Dyke
If we can come up with a good logo I can add CSA shirts and such to the
little CafePress store I set up -http://www.cafeshops.com/csa1has some
cups and such.
Steve :->
http://www.svandyke.com<- my simple home page
http://www.cafeshops.com/stevespics<- my little store of Impressionist &
Special Events Photography stuff)

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