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Topic: ISH (re)visited (9 msgs / 188 lines)
1) From: Dan Bollinger
When I visited the ISH site to verify that Nap. Bonaparte did indeed die on
the island I checked further with the Mail Ship  that call on her. The Mail
Ship is the only means of public transportation to the island.
Here is something for us!  During some of the voyages it does a
'there-n-back' from ISH and Cape Town.  For instance:
Saturday 5 April: Sail for St Helena (5 days aboard ship)
Thursday 10 April: St Helena Island (7 nights)
Thursday 17 April: Sail for Cape Town (5 days aboard ship)
Tuesday 22 April: Arrive Cape Town
So, all we have to do is get to Cape Town and hop on. We'd have 7 days to
"help David" with the harvest. Dunno when harvest time is, but the ship
seems to repeat this trip on a regular basis. Sometimes the lay over is 16
days, not 7.   :)  Dan
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2) From: Rick Farris
Dan wrote:
Cape Town is a beautiful place.  It's the center of the South African wine
industry and it's not nearly as depressing as Joburg.  If you go there to
hop on the St Helena mail boat, plan to spend a few days sightseeing.  Oh,
and you can stay in a five star hotel (Intercontinental) for about
-- Rick
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3) From: John Abbott
Wow, what a deal!!  A $6500 plane ride, stay in a $200 a night hotel, Board
a mail ship and sail for 4 days ($800?) and then help pick some coffee.  Buy
a hundred pounds or so and reverse the trip.  Works out to about $350 a
pound - who could turn that down?  HEY MIKE!!!  I'll split a load if you go!

4) From: Rick Farris
John wrote:
Actually, the last time I flew (business class) it was more like $10,500.
But once you get there everything is incredibly cheap.  The same hotel room
would set you back $600/night in New York or San Francisco.
-- Rick
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5) From: Dan Bollinger
LOL!  Hey, I never said it was a good deal.  I saw a flight for under $2000.
On the bright side, the coffee would probably be free for the picking.  ;)
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6) From: Rick Farris
Dan wrote:
I don't know which city that would be out of, or which airline, but believe
me, you DO NOT want to fly SAA.
When I flew there regularly, I flew from LA to Amsterdam (12 hrs), laid over
in Amsterdam for 8 hours, and then flew another 12 hrs down to Cape
Town/Joburg.  That's nine time zones and two seasons.  And 32 hours
traveling.  I was sure glad when I discovered the pay showers at Schipol...
-- Rick
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7) From: Dan Bollinger
I'm a little closer.  That was from Indy on Delta.  It's even cheaper from
Miami or Atlanta, about $1500. The Atlanta/Delta flight is non-stop.  Still,
it is going to be expensive coffee.  Flying to Kona country for the harvest
is a whole lot cheaper.  Dan
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8) From: Rick Farris
Well, yeah, but if you were considering going on vacation to the wine farms
near Cape Town, anyway, then it wouldn't be a bad side-trip.
-- Rick

9) From: John Abbott
Wow, Rick - you obviously have a MUCH better paying job than I ever had if
you plan vacations like that :O)  Of course if I had a company writing off
the trip to Cape town, it might be a workable deal. Unfortunately being
retired really limits my vacations to trips within the country and an
occasional cruise around the Caribbean.
What we need to do is organize a trip through Central America and do some
picking as we go.

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