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Topic: My first blend attempt. (13 msgs / 289 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
I just got a order last Thursday and Aged Sumatra bag had a split seam, =
leaving about 1/2 lb of beans in the bottom of the box. 
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Ben Treichel
In my first deliberate attempt at  blend I combined Harar & Yirg. I 
actually did this because I liked the yirg when it was younger (36 to 54 
hrs) then the harar. But now this morning (+24 hrs) my taste preferences 
have shifted to the harar better. Therefore I wondered if I blended the 
two, if the combination would off set the resting effect. I can't say 
that I'm disappointed.
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3) From: John Abbott
Hey, I have an opportunity to blend that I didn't plan.  I just received my
shipment from Sweetmarias and the Mavis bank and the aged Sulawesi were both
open and I have about 2/3 of a pound of "blend" in the bottom of the box.
NOT my choice of blends but then who knows - I may have discovered something
incredible - NOT!  I can probably separate them because the aged Sulawesi is
considerably darker than the Mavis bank.
OK - now where's box two?
John - getting out the roaster

4) From: Ben Treichel
John Abbott wrote:
Ok John be picky! Your retired, its not like you have anything else to 
keep you out of trouble. ;-) :-D
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5) From: John Abbott
OH yes I do! Her name is Carolyn - and she has her "honey-do" clipboard in
her lap as I type!    However, I'm going to get some beans roasted for
Alchemist John and then roast some of the Peruvian that I just got. THEN her
list :O) (wanna bet?)

6) From: Rick Farris
I noticed when I ordered 5# of Mavis Bank that the ziplock bag was not only
closed, but heat sealed!
-- Rick
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7) From: John Abbott
Hmmm - they obviously love you more than me - my 17 pounds all came in zip
locks - and not all of them closed apparently ;O) but then....

8) From: Ben Treichel
John gets special treatment from Maria for being out there but never 
stopping by to say hello. ;-)
Rick Farris wrote:
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9) From: steve_w
Quoting Rick Farris :
A 2# bag of Java Blawan from my last shipment had a leak along an
edge of the bag.  Not on the zip-lock closure but along one of the
long edges of the bag.  A few beans were rattling around the box
but it wasn't too bad.  
Steve Wall
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10) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- John Abbott  wrote:
 I say go for it, John. At least one little batch. That just
might be a real winner, and one that's never been tried. Last
summer , driving back from the roasting seminar in Idaho I had a
box full of different samples of at least 15 varieties and when
I got home realized that a mouse was in my car's trunk and had
nibbled holes in most of the bags (didn't eat any beans, though)
What a crazy blend that was. Some batches were amazing, others
make me shudder just remembering.
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11) From: John Abbott
You have a LOT more nerve than I do Charlie - I just don't think Mavis Bank
and aged Sulawesi sound good together.  BUT I have a small hand full of
uncertain source -that will go into the FR+ just to see.

12) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
I would NOT be a happy camper. JBM is a subtle delicacy coffee not to be
trifled with! (not to mention not one of the *cheaper* coffees) Aged
Sulawesi has it's place but but but... I have blended some tail end of batch
JBM, but with the likes of Kona or ISH. I'd let Tom & Maria know direct, not
just on the list.
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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13) From: John Abbott
It wasn't as bad as it sounds.  The aged Sulawesi is considerably darker in
appearance and it wasn't that hard to separate.   It wasn't meant as a
complaint and I'm sorry if folks took it that way.  The outer condition of
the box told a pretty good story - it had been crushed in transit and that
is doublessly when the bags opened.  It could have been a lot worse because
the Sulawesi was the only bean in the lot of six that was easy to pick out
and I'm confident that we got it separated correctly.
John - busy hating Microsoft tonight. MY XP program just failed and I had to
reload the whole thing!!

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