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Topic: Odd Alp (Was: Re: +Antique roasters?) (6 msgs / 141 lines)
1) From: Owen Davies
Ed Needham recommended:
Out of curiosity, I did.  One of the links that came up washttp://shop.store.yahoo.com/bowery/beanroascof.html The top item there is
the usual Alp roaster.  The second is another roaster, a little cheaper,
which the page appears to suggest is also an Alpenroast product.  I've never
heard of it, not that this is surprising.  Anyone know anything about it?
Owen Davies
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2) From: R.N.Kyle
The Ebay search works with that string Ed. thanks
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

3) From: Ed Needham
Interesting what you came up with.  I said Google, but meant to say Ebay.  I
think my brain equates 'search' with Google.  Do a search on 'Ebay' using
that string.  Sorry.
Ed Needham
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4) From: Rick Farris
I looked very closely at the pictures, and I'm guessing that the cheaper one
is the old, non-ambient-temperature-compensated version.  At any rate, the
prices are way too high compared to SM.
-- Rick

5) From: Mark Prince
At 09:14 AM 04/02/2003, you wrote:
Looks like one of the preproduction Alps that were floated around (in 
photos mainly, but also showing up at trade shows) prior to the Alp's real 
It'd be curious if they have these in stock!!!
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6) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 21:14 2/4/2003, Ed Needham typed:
Just that it says on it that it is an "Alpenroast White".
I would guess the plastic alternative to the SS and black of the regular model.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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