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Topic: be the hot top deal real? (6 msgs / 181 lines)
1) From: ginny powell
Ginny here,
I would be very interested in the Hot Top Deal.
Who is the one to talk to about this, I have only received some posts due to
living in the middle of nowhere and having my satellite act up for a few
days. Sems like I am back on a roll so:
where can I find out more about the HOT TOP?
and the what sounds like a good deal?
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2) From: John Abbott
 Our hosts has a write-up on their web site
www.sweetmarias.com/prod.hottop.html  And the manufacturer is located in
Tiawan and their web site is www.hottop.com.tw/p3.htm

3) From: ginny powell
Thanks very much, I will ck all out now.

4) From: John Abbott
It looks like we are going to get a great deal put together - its going to
come down to about $535 including tax and shipping per unit.  But I'm not
the one that will be handling it - but I've given them your e-mail as being
an interested party. Hope you don't mind, its in our own group.

5) From: Pischke
	OK, I'm good again (for now). Mark (the bitter one), I hope you feel better
now that I'll be missing out on this deal... ;)
Mike Gallant
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6) From: Jim Baker
I am also insterested. Add me the list
Jim Baker

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