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Topic: Tanzanian Peaberry--Southern District (10 msgs / 212 lines)
1) From: Mark Neuhausen
I received this coffee from a secret admirer (have since learned their
identity) along with two others.  I roasted some on Tuesday night to full
city plus (30 seconds past a rolling second crack), let it rest 36 hours,
and tried it this morning.  Tom's cupping review comments track with what I
experienced.  Other than the special occasion pure coffee experience of JBM,
my favorite Americano coffee has been the Guatemalan Huehuetenango Finca
Huixoc.  No more, this Tanzanian Peaberry is better to my palate.  For me,
it is not just the best Tanzanian (and only one) I have ever had, but my
best coffee ever.
I did not particularly like the Kenyan coffee I had in my sampler pack.  It
is probably time to try it again, or try another Kenyan, as Tom indicates
that there are lots of similarities.  This coffee has a great mix (array) of
flavors as described by Tom, and changes in taste as the cup cools.
Thursday, 13 February will go down in my personal history with my "perfect"
shot and the Tanzanian Peaberry.  Along with the excitement of knowing that
another day will surpass today.  (Maybe I need more of a life outside of
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2) From: Ben Treichel
Is there a life outside of coffee, or does it just seem that way. (sorta 
like a doctor saying that if you give up all this stuff you'll live longer)
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3) From: kjfarley
This is the kind of msg I was looking forward to on this list....
I too have the Peaberry....I'm a French Roaster....and like it a lot.
I have had great difficulty with the Ethiopian Long-berry (I believe),
it will not roast French properly (in a Rosto) but the Peaberry is

4) From: David Westebbe
I like both the Tanz Peas and the Guat Huehues as well.  If you like those
two, give the Kenyas another try.  Not all of them are excessively
fruity/winey.  Some have just the right amount fo acid, along with a nice
body and a very bold flavor.
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5) From: John Abbott
Before I began roasting my own, this was my favorite too - done by a local
roaster (Marsh) in Lafayette.  It's very good - but then so are a LOT of
them :O)

6) From: ginny powell
one of best coffee's I have ever had was a Tans Pea that was roasted by a
small comapny outside of San Luis Obispo, CA.
great stuff, I will have to get some of Tom's and roast it myself.
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7) From: ginny powell
someone was talking the other day here about roasting and made the brew and
the shot tasted like warm chocolate,
remember anyone?
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8) From: Chris Peters
Was it me?  I commented that I made a 50/50 blend of Timor Aifu and
Monsooned Malabar about a week ago (both roasted full city).  I thought the
Americano I made had a distinct taste of dark chocolate.
Chris in KC

9) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 Might have been you, Chris. Tom's Ugandan often tastes strongly
of dark chocolate at full city, and the Pluma Olivo is nice and
chocolatey at the right stage of full city, too.
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--- Chris Peters  wrote:
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10) From: Tom & Maria
There's signs that its a really "up" year for Tanzanian coffees: I 
recently had pre-shipment Adela estate samples and they were really 
good. Something has definitely improved with the way Tanzanians are 
reaching the US because they used to have a really off, baggy flavor 
.... all of them!
kenyas are a fairly brutal coffee to run through an espresso machine, 
IMHO. The just have way too much brightness in the cup. I think 
*maybe* you could pull it off with the Kenya AA Top, but not the 
auction lots. On a related note, I was trying to show the folks 
working how blends made for espresso often taste dull brewed as drip 
of a french press, and ones for press taste too sharp, acidic or 
otherwise over-the-top as espresso. We brewed monkey blend in a press 
and it was nice, but dull. We extracted 100% harar full city roast as 
espresso, and the fruit, winey-fermenty flavors, and earthiness was 
unbearably strong.
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