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Topic: Possible source of small drums (7 msgs / 130 lines)
1) From: Owen Davies
How important does anyone think the perforations are in the side of the
drum?  I was in Target earlier, and they had some kitchen canisters made out
of stainless steel.  The largest of them was $20 and looked about right for
a pound at a time--8 or 9 inches across the base and just under a foot high.
The lids were glass and would have to be replaced, but the stainless rim and
center piece might be used for parts.  No perforations, so heat transfer
would be strictly by conduction unless the bin were modified to run hot air
through it, but that seemed to me like it might be a good thing for those
who prefer less bright roasts.
Owen Davies
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2) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 16:20 2/13/2003, Owen Davies typed:
That is the direction I am taking.  Did you just happen to be looking due 
to these discussions here or are you building a drum roaster also?  I can't 
keep track of the players here exploding into grill/drum/modifications and 
I am thinking it will be fine with out perforations.  The heat has to go 
somewhere.  And with no perfs, not smoky chaff on the heat source (although 
maybe in the drum)
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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3) From: Owen Davies
AlChemist John asked:
Not building yet--in fact, I haven't so much as picked up a Poppery yet,
which is really frustrating.  However, once my schedule clears a little
roasting will rise (definitely not percolate!) to the top of my must-do
list.  My wife and I both strongly prefer darker coffees with a lot of body,
so a drum roaster seems likely to be the best choice for us.
Incidentally, has anyone thought of trying to buy one of those
stainless-mesh drums from the mid-sized George Forman rotisserie?  It should
be available as a replacement part, and it might be an interesting choice
for a drum roaster with a lot of access to convection heating.
Owen Davies
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4) From: Ben Treichel
Actually I saw a convection rotisserie with a similar basket sitting 
next to the 'george' at sam's club and wondered.
Owen Davies wrote:
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5) From: Lowe, David
Actually, I looked at one last weekend while snooping around Bed Bath & =
Beyond. (Ed previously mentioned it as having a lot of SS items.) The =
holes in the mesh of the one I saw were about 1/4", too large for many =
(most?) beans. The whole unit was selling for $99. But I think it is =
only about 1100 Watts, probably not enough heat. I suppose that if you =
could find enough fine SS mesh and add some stirring vanes it (the drum) =
might work.
Dave Lowe

6) From: Owen Davies
Speaking of the George Forman rotisserie drum, David Lowe wrote:
Given the price and wattage, it should be the same rotisserie, but the drum
sounds different. The mesh of the drum I saw was 3/16" tops, maybe a little
smaller, and the drum had stirring vanes made from the same mesh, with
larger wire at the edges to help maintain the shape.  The vanes were simple
rectangles with rounded corners.  There were four rows of them, two with two
vanes near the ends and two with a single vane at the middle of the drum.
It looked like a simple, efficient way to keep things adequately mixed. The
drum opened lengthways into two half-cylinders to get the beans in and out.
One of the sales staff said the rotisserie only heated to 350 degrees. I
thought briefly about trying to add a second heating element, but figured
the rest of the system probably would not stand up under the extra heat.
It's still tempting.
Owen Davies
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7) From: Angelo
Here I go again.... I've been mentioning the Ultrex Convection Oven 
w/Rotisserie which is always on ebay...I do believe that the temp on that 
one goes to 400-450 F...Not sure whether the fact that it uses a turbo fan 
to blow the heat means that the coffee will reach higher temperatures than 
if the heat were static...
They usually go for about $89 - 139
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