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Topic: Scott's trip to Paradise (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
So where did you post all the pictures?  I'm sure they must up someplace!

2) From: Scott Jensen
Well... my wife is working on that!  I'll let you know when she gets it
going.  Should be sometime in the next 2 weeks- probably just something real
simple for her first try.
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3) From: John Abbott
Scott, tell her not to worry about how they look - nobody on this list is
critical :O)  We'll be so busy being jealous that we won't even notice the

4) From: Tom & Maria
Scott -You have taken the coffee trip I have been dying to take, and 
what perfect timing -right at harvest!!!! I really want to do a 
Chiapas and Oaxaca trip, maybe next harvest time... Tom
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5) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Tom & Maria  wrote:
 I'd be honored to be your guide for some of that trip, Tom.
 Scott got the "beginners tour". If you feel up to the advanced
version it'll be easy to arrainge. Hope you're in shape.;o)
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