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Topic: OT (slightly) Cast Iron cookware ...was: +deidrich drum steel (BBQ Roaster) (13 msgs / 281 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
Wendy - Portobello Mushrooms are wonderful grilled.  Just flip them top-side
down and sprinkle a little Balsamic vinegar on them and prepare for a treat.

2) From: Owen Davies
Among other things, Wendy Sarrett wrote:
Which left me completely baffled.  Why does bird ownership conflict with
Teflon ownership?
Owen Davies
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3) From: floyd burton
A klutzy friend left my fav teflon pan unattended and it fried/melted the
teflon-the smoke from that event was beyond description-found out later it
can kill.  Wonder how many people realize the potential for problems from
teflon-still use my new one for eggs-she is frying teflon pans for someone
else now.

4) From: jim gundlach
On Friday, February 14, 2003, at 09:29 AM, Owen Davies wrote:
Gasses released from cooking with teflon can harm and even kill some 
birds.  War does the same  thing to humans.
Jim Gundlach
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5) From: steve_w
Quoting jim gundlach :
Does this also happen with Silverstone?  Or is Silverstone just
another brand name for the same material?
Steve Wall
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6) From: Jim Karavias
Silvertone is the same I believe.  I always heard that the teflon had to =
be extremely hot before this was an issue.  Like, it had to be melting.

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Teflon is applied by a melt process.  I highly suspect that the toxic fumes
are a result of teflon decomposition, not just melting. Dan
Silvertone is the same I believe.  I always heard that the teflon had to be
extremely hot before this was an issue.  Like, it had to be melting.

8) From: Rick Farris
Owen wrote:
Plenty of people have mentioned the fumes associated with Teflon and high
temperatures, but no one has mentioned the financial risk/reward ratio, yet.
Psittacines (parrots) are astronomically expensive.  A cockatoo (plain white
Baretta bird) starts at around $1,500 and goes up.  Small green parrots are
in the $800 range.  Macaws are common at $2,500 and go quickly to $10,000.
Likewise the more exotic cockatoos.
Now can you see why people who have two or three (or even one!) of these
guys are hesitant to use Teflon pans?
When I owned an expensive parrot, I only owned one Teflon pan which I used
with low heat for omelets.  When it was not in use, I kept it hidden in my
closet in my bedroom so that guests wouldn't see it and use it.
-- Rick
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9) From: floyd burton
Frying teflon has an incredibly sharp and eye watering odor-had to hold my
breath and was hard to see when throwing the pan into the back yard.  So if
u live with or are kinda klutzy-go cast iron-it will only stink when over

10) From: David Westebbe
I have several Lodge pieces, including a huge Dutch Oven which I bought in
TN at the Lodge factory store and carried on the airplane home.
They are some of my favorite pieces of cookware.
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11) From: floyd burton
Have encountered several very small manufacturer's of cast iron
ware-probably not well known outside their immediate area-Dutch and Defou
ovens are way cool-heavy suckers

12) From: David Westebbe
Yep.  It seemed to get heavier and heavier the longer I carried it, too!
My buddy went nuts at the outlet.  He got a huge cast iron wok, a huge
long-handled skillet, and some other stuff.  The box weighed at least 75
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13) From: David Westebbe
 I do have a question.  How do you know the
I usually wet my finger under the faucet and shake a drop of water onto the
skillet.  It either plops there (not very hot), sizzles (hot) or dances
around the bottom (very hot).
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