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1) From: Steven Dover
As the old folks would say, "If that don't beat all"...a coffee roaster with
roller rockers. Some rocker arms have the roller. Some don't roll. They just
sort of rock back and forth. But they're definitely not a thing of the past.
They're very common in the racing/hot rod world. The Fords with the factory
5 litre/302 cubic inch that were "high output" {have 'HO' on the air plenum}
have the roller cam {have rollers on the bottom of the lifters that meet
with cam}, but not the rocker arm "tappets" mentioned below. Note that these
are a small diameter {~ 5/16"} and are commonly attached to a rocker arm.
Also, one can't get hydraulic roller tappets - lifters are the only thing in
the valve train thats 'hydraulic'. Some are 'solid' and do not "pump up" as
hydraulic lifters do. The tappets mentioned below also have a steady flow of
oil coming up through the push rods {unless one has an over head cam} to the
rocker arms which are under your valve covers. Bottom line....I have my
doubts about these tappets being a very good choice for a roaster. I can see
the look on the parts man's face now. Upon being asked for some rocker arm
tappets he will ask "what type of engine are they for?". ?....A coffee
roaster?....? - Steve D

2) From: Ed Needham
Steven said...
"I can see the look on the parts man's face now. Upon being asked for some
rocker arm tappets he will ask "what type of engine are they for?". ?....A
coffee roaster?....?"
That's not half as bad as telling them to measure the perforations because
I'm going to roast coffee in their trash can.
Steven also said...
"As the old folks would say, "If that don't beat all"...a coffee roaster with
roller rockers."
If Mike McKona can be "Rosto Roasting Rocky grindin' ", then I can be...
"Rotisserie Roastin' on a Roller Rocker"
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3) From: Chuck Koby
I can attest to this.  I went over to Ed's house
yesterday to watch him in action.  After demonstrating
my ZaD (100 gm of Panama Hartman Est.), I watched Ed
roast 3 1/2 pounds of Barry's PNG, and then a 2 pound
batch of Monkey Blend.  What a setup.  He roasted both
just to the beginning of second crack, and each batch
was done in less than 20 minutes.  The most amazing
thing was his cooling setup.  It was attached to the
air roaster he is building.  Each batch was cool to
the touch within 1 1/2 minutes after dumping!!
He gave me some of the PNG to try, and not being one
to wait, I made a pot as soon as I got home.  Even
after only 1 hour post roast, it was great.  Full body
and a lot of taste.  
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
--- Ed Needham  wrote:
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4) From: Ed Needham
Friendship?  You and the PNG?  or you and the roaster?   We're iced in
today, and I got stir crazy around 3pm and braved the icy roads to get out to
Home Depot and Blockbuster video (for my wife-Got the 'return bin' copies of
Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sweet Home Alabama while at least ten other people
watched me check out.  All other 100 or so copies of both movies were gone.
I found a cast iron burner for my grill.  The burner I've got looks fine, but
there is no air adjustment, and the flame is a consistent pretty yellow.  Not
good.  I hope the cast burner is a bit more precision and will improve
efficiency and heat stability (it is thicker cast metal rather than the
rusty, thin, formed sheet stuff).  If not, hey, it's just $40 .
Bought more lava rock too.  My old stuff was like very soft chalk, and was
ready to be tossed for sure.  We'll see how it affects the roasting process.
As to the Z & D roaster, it is a really cool little appliance.  I can see it
being a little more mainline, and adaptable to the average kitchen than some
of the other roasters marketed.  It is a good looking machine.  It has a few
places where little hands could get burnt if they got to it, but most of the
surfaces are just hot and not blistering.  We roasted a Panama Hartman
Songbird, side by side with the HWP and Mama Cata, the roast time of the Z &
D was as slow as my drum roaster.  About 20 minutes.  It seemed forever
before the beans started changing color, but when they did, it was a fast
progression to first crack.  That might be the result of heating the bean
slower and allowing the internal bean temp to increase before the external
surface was already roasted.  A smashed bean was very even in appearance,
inside to out.  we roasted a Panama, and aside from a few weird beans mixed
in, the roast was very even.  We roasted without the exhaust hood running and
there was only the faint smell of roasting smoke at the very last.  Cooling
was slow though, and I think it could be improved.  Chaff was roasted right
along with the beans, and the color of the collected chaff was Full City, as
compared to the HWP chaff which was light tan.  The roasted chaff might add
character to the Z & D roast, as compared to the HWP, which produces a very
clean roast.  All in all, it seems like a good roaster.  If version two fixes
the seal on the top of the unit, and gives the internals a bit more ummmmph
in the air and heat department, it really has potential to be a great
homeroasters tool.  Chuck, thanks for bringing it over.  I wish I had taken a
few pictures when it was here.  A review on homeroaster.com might be a good
The brewed coffee (in my Chemex) was really good.  It had complexity that I
am not used to from the HWP, and as I anticipated, it did have a more robust
flavor, possibly due to the chaff roasting along with the beans.  I enjoyed
the cup more than I liked the PNG brewed in the Bunn this morning (definitely
not a fair comparison though).  Balanced flavor and a long lingering
aftertaste.  I definitely won't poo-poo the Z & D for quality of roast based
on this sampling.
Ed Needham
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5) From: floyd burton
Ha-watched the big snow storm scud just to the south of me-right on the
IL/WI line.  Our pols are now catching it.  Ed-is there any way at all of
either slightly restricting the flow of gas into the burner or grinding out
the inlet hole a bit-when u get yellow flames-suet always follows and that
not be good for a roaster.  Angle grinders can do wonders.
Oh-just saw a really old Jabez Burns (sp?) up close-the unload unit is dirt
simple-a counter weighted trap door that keeps the beans in till the
operator shoves it up.
Yeah I agree that roasting with a longer profile will generally deliver a
much more interesting cup-everybody here talking about PNG makes me rue the
time I spent there with coffee not even on the agenda.  Will do another
roast on Wednesday-finally get into the mid 30's-will start with a "hot"
drum-preheated in my oven-the things we tundra dwellers have to put up with.

6) From: Ed Needham
Butch...why not preheat the drum in the grill?  Just curious.
Ed Needham

7) From: floyd burton
Takes too long and that way I can preheat my oven for bread baking-at 15F
takes time to get the drum warm.

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