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Topic: Couple quick pic's of travelin' roastin' (11 msgs / 257 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Mike the job you did on the control box, looks great, good job. You have =
came a long way from rockin and rollin, have a nice weekend.http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140004.JPGRon Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: Mike McGinnesss
Here's the coffees I took to roast. 1# of each Kona Mountain, Blue Sky Kona, Sulawesi Toraja, Panama
LaBerlina & Guatemalen Huehuetenango separated in 1/3# per bag. (for us, and two different friends)
I'll use the same valve bag the greens are now in to store the coffee after roasting!http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140002.JPGLooking down into the finished roast. Those are Hoody nut tubs. I put the lid on, shack the beans to">http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140001.JPGHere's a shot sitting back outside the motel room while a roast of Huehue finishing cooling.http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140002.JPGLooking down into the finished roast. Those are Hoody nut tubs. I put the lid on, shack the beans to
knock remaining chaff loose, pour back and forth to remove... That is the end table out of the room,
with management authorization!http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140003.JPGHuehue bag in the valve bag for use this weekend. (I roasted Barry & Sue's Kona Mountain earlier
this evening for them so they'll have fresh roast in the morning... and Kona Mountain was the only
pre-roasted - yesterday - I brought with us for our use.)http://home.quixnet.net/~mdmint/P2140004.JPGThis is way cooler than bringing a bunch of vac'd roasted beans. Trust me, the setup WILL be going
with us on our next trip to Hawaii!
MM;-) aka Kona Krazy miKe mcKoffee
Traveling withmy new Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roast Controller!
And laptop... Zass Turkish grinding, French Press Brewing
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3) From: Ben Treichel
I have to say that that looks pretty cool miKe!
Just don't show it to Rick F. I hear the reason he doesn't like LED's is 
that he gets hypnotized by watching them and then does bizarre things. ;-)
Mike McGinnesss wrote:
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4) From: John Abbott
"Welcome to the Krazy Mike McKona Pavilion folks. Today's demonstration
using the Varimack Roaster will feature Kona Blue mountain, and freshly
roasted Maccadamia nuts....    Everything you see this morning is available
from Krazy Mike's located right here on the plantation."
Great shots of some great shots in the making!

5) From: Rick Farris
I've got news for you, pal.  I don't need LEDs to do bizarre things. ;-)
-- Rick

6) From: Ed Needham
Mike...Did you have, like, 14 electric gizmos mounted on your bicycle when
you were little? 
That is some jam box you've got there.  Great job!
You 'will' have fun getting that thing through the security checkpoints.  I
bought a wonderful,  5" leaded glass crystal ball in Paia, Maui and it showed
up as a really interesting solid, black mass at all the x-ray checkpoints.
We were stopped and searched at every checkpoint, even when I gave them a
heads up as to what to expect.
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.comed

7) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Ed Needham" 
Nah, I'm from the clothes-pinned playing cards in the spokes era:-)
Thanks, three pounds roast at the Coast! (two 1/3 pounds for us, the rest
for two friends)
Shouldn't be much worse than bringing vac packs of homeroast. The residual
smoke on the outside vac packaging caused all our luggage to be searched. No
biggy, just need to allow time for it. I've taken other *equipment* through
on business, just has to be checked out...
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
FrankenRoast Dual Variable Transformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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8) From: David Westebbe
Hey - Is this miKe's bike?http://www.dansworkshop.com/00-index/14-Amps,%20Volts,%20and%20Watts/55-Monster%20Quartz%20Halogen%20Bike%20Light/82-L%20bracket%20mounting%20accomodate
Check out the whole site:http://www.dansworkshop.comDan and miKe seem to be of one mind.  :)
But seriously, the site has incredible homemade stuff.  The guy is an insane
genius.  He tells how to make a homemade arc welder from old microwave
ovens, and does his own aluminum casting in his workshop!
If we can get him into coffee roasting, he could design a kickass roaster!
Ed, maybe you should contact him and get to be buddies?
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9) From: John Abbott
   you might want to tryhttp://makeashorterlink.com/for those enormous URL
postings That link is about 3 times larger than life :O)   Here it is after
its compactedhttp://makeashorterlink.com/?F50916383

10) From: David Westebbe
Good advice.  I've clicked on shorter.links, but I've never made one.
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11) From: Ed Needham
Why do I need him when I've got you guys and gals?  
I'd put Mike or Ryuji up against him any day.  
BTW...Where the heck is our MIT turbo-roasting friend?
Ed Needham
To Absurdity and Beyond!http://www.homeroaster.com

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