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Topic: Disaster!!!!! (5 msgs / 81 lines)
1) From: John Cramer
I had a disaster two weekends ago...:-(. I was having trouble with my
I backed it up to tape, reformatted my drive, and then 'restored' the
tape. The
backup was corrupted! I don't back up regularly, so the latest found was
year ago.
If anyone could, would you consider sending me the emails that were
Copying them to a cd, and sending them to me, would be the preferable
The email lost is about to make me cry...:-)...:-(. There were so many
interesting threads!
Please contact me OFF-list at cramerj
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2) From: TFisher511
Have you checked the list archives? I hope this will help make your day 
(along with a great cup of coffee, of course!).

3) From: John Abbott
Oh man! Been there - not fun.  I'm wondering if you couldn't get what you
missed from the list achieves.http://lists.sweetmarias.com/mailman/listinfo/homeroast

4) From: John Cramer
While I do realize the archives are there, I want them on MY harddrive.
Not go to a site and try to search. I sometimes just like to go back and
look through a really interesting thread.
Can anyone help?
TFisher511 wrote:

5) From: jim gundlach
     You can download a months worth of the list archives at a time as a 
single .zip file from the archives.
        Jim Gundlach
On Sunday, February 16, 2003, at 12:17 AM, John Cramer wrote:
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