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Topic: grind consistancy (11 msgs / 218 lines)
1) From: Bart Frazzee
Some time ago I got a set of screens from Jim Gundlach. I finely got
them mounted in frames and ran samples for a couple of grinders that I
have access to.
The results can be seen at:http://www.webworldinc.com/bartfrazee/Bart
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2) From: Jim Schulman
Good lord, they're all over the place. Either all 
the grinders are a lot worse than we think, or 
there's a problem with the screen method. 
If the grinds are shavings, i.e. thin little 
sticks; it could be that they pass through any 
screen at one orientation, and not in another. 
That would make the method problematic.
On 15 Feb 2003 at 15:34, Bart Frazzee wrote:
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3) From: jim gundlach
I read over your protocol, I think it is going to take a little longer 
than a minute shaking before they all get through.   I'm still trying 
to work out a procedure that produces reasonable results.  I am now 
looking for some kind of mechanical shaker to do it for me.
Jim Gundlach
On Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 05:34 PM, Bart Frazzee wrote:
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4) From: Bart Frazzee
On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 18:49:19 -0600, you wrote:
That. (problem with the screen method) is a distingtic(spl?)
possibility. Could be the screen sizes are too close togrther... or
too far apart.... or that it is only one sample per setting... or ..
or... or...
OTOH Looking at Rocky: 
The bulk of the "0" sample has a range of 6 to 9. The bulk of the "10"
sample has a range of 6 to 10. The "20" sample has a range of 2 to 8.
The " 30" sample has a range of 2 to 9. 
Is the percentage below that bulk range less at the finer settings? If
so, it conferms the "conventional wisdom" that finer settings produce
less dust.
Is the range of the bulk wider in the lower end grinders? 
What I've seen so far raises more questions than it answers.
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5) From: Ken Mary
This opposes both conventional wisdom and my subjective visual measurements
of mud in the cup. Finer grinding in the same grinder should produce more
dust than coarse grinding. If I grind finer with my Tranquilo, I get more
mud left behind in the cup after drinking the coffee. This is a crude visual
method, but it serves as a gauge for changing the grind based on the amount
of mud. My early findings are that darker roasts produce more dust than
lighter roasts at the same grind setting. Also, it seems that lighter roasts
must be ground finer to give similar cup character. My goal is to have
enough mud, but not so much that it masks flavors or creates a taste of its
Your screen results may be affected by static charges. You may get better
data by screening in the bathroom after running the shower briefly. Sample
collection is important, start with a clean grinder, and after grinding, the
cleanings go into the sample. Screen the entire sample so that you do not
create another problem of segregation.
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6) From: Bart Frazzee
On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 08:34:55 -0500, you wrote:
All of the Rocky samples were from the same roaster batch.
Yes I believe they were affected by static even tho the Rocky samples
at 0, 5, and 10 were done while it was raining outside. The rest were
done the next day when it was scattered showers.
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7) From: floyd burton
Excuse the top post but saw a recent Bunn burr grinder and the ad described
the Bunn as IIRC cutting the bean and making long shards instead of
"crushing" the bean which is how they say some burr grinders "grind" the
bean.  So is there another dimension here-shape of the "grind" as well.
Wonder if dull or misaligned burrs do something other than make dust.  We
all accept the importance of a good burr grinder-this exploration can help
identify the other variables in that definition of a good burr grinder.
Keep it up.

8) From: David Westebbe
Well, this finally confirms my suspicion that you get a lot more dust with
the Maestro set at the coarse setting than you do when it is set at the fine
With it at the coarse setting, the upper burr is not held in place very
firmly, and it wiggles around.  With it in the fine setting, the upper burr
is held much more firmly, and wiggles much less.
IMO, the design is defective and need to be modified.
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9) From: jim gundlach
On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 09:19 AM, David Westebbe wrote:  
(about the Maestro)
I agree entirely.  I have completely disassembled a Solis 166 which is 
almost the same as the Maestro and the frame that holds the two burrs 
in adjustment simply is not solid enough to keep them in place when 
grinding coffee.  As David notes, the instability is worse at a course 
adjustment because the forces that move the burrs out of alignment have 
greater leverage, but it is bad enough at a fine adjustment that the 
burrs occasionally come in contact with each other and get dulled.  And 
replacement of the burrs is expensive and cannot be done by the average 
home user.  If one calculated the number of good grinds one can get per 
dollar from a Maestro and a Rocky over the life of the grinders, the 
Rocky is a bargain.
Jim Gundlach
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10) From: Ken Mary
I just examined my Bodum Antigua with a magnifier. The inner (lower) burr
seems like new, while the outer removable burr is well worn in a narrow
band. Outside this band, the edges are still sharp. So only the removable
burr really needs replacement. Possibly those who grind coarse enough that
the burrs never touch may never have to replace them.
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11) From: Angelo
Repeat after me, "Top posts are good...Top posts are good"
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