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Topic: ALP Thief? (5 msgs / 108 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
Anyone ever try to make a bean thief for the ALP? 
I have thought as other Alpenrost owners about adding a thermometer, by =
drilling a hole through the lid directly in line with the center of the =
drum, the hole just big enough for the shaft to slide thought, could =
even use high temp silicone to seal the hole. The Alpenrost has air =
flowing through the hood and the interrupted air flow may cause a =
problem, and who knows it may not.
I guess at worst if it didn't work, one could seal the holes up with =
high temp silicone and go on.How about you being the guinea pig and give =
it a try and report back.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

2) From: Jeff Woods
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Anyone ever try to make a bean thief for the ALP? 
It looks like a hole could be drilled on the end, the agitator fin ends
trimmed a little, and a slender metal half-pipe could be used to take
out a couple of beans to check the color, etc. Not much room to work
with but it looks like it might work.

3) From: jim gundlach
used to 
Any one think of using one of those little spring loaded grabbers or 
claw pick-ups that mechanics use to pick up little dropped 
thimgamabobs.  If the hole was about .5 inches one of these could reach =
in and grab a bean or two and pull it right out, let you look at them 
and put them right back in.
The picture is not very good but it is the top one in this picture from =
the company that sells more automotive junk than anyone else.
   http://www.jcwhitney.com/product.jhtml?CATID=5192&BQ=jcw2Jim Gundlach
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4) From: Dale A. Taylor
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MessageJeff I drilled a small hole and inserted a digital thermometer in the
end of my alp and I am in the process of monitoring bean temperature as I
roast. I printed the pictorial from Tom's site and trying to see if I can
roast with temperature readings. So far they are not in exact with where Tom
says the cracks should be. I would like to have input from others who have
tried this or can help. I think it would be hard to pick up the beans thru
the end, but I guess it is possible if one is determined. dale

5) From: Rick Farris
Jeff wrote:
If you did that, you could make it double as a holder for a thermoprobe.
I'm not so sure a bean thief would be as useful with an Alp as it is with a
pro roaster because the Alp doesn't have very fine control.  Ok, it doesn't
have any control except on/off.
-- Rick
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