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Topic: grind consistency (6 msgs / 148 lines)
1) From: Rick Farris
Floyd wrote:
A lot of manufacturers claim that their grinders "shave" the beans instead
of crushing them, but somebody over on a.c looked at the output of one of
the grinders that was so claimed (can't remember which one) and he said the
shards looked like every other grinder.
On another note, someone mentioned that coffee that is roasted more darkly
seemed to have more dust than coffee roasted less darkly.  That makes sense
to me because darkly roasted beans are brittle, or crunchy, whereas lightly
roasted beans are more on the chewy end of the scale.  A brittle bean would
tend to shatter, whereas a chewy bean would tend more towards the "shaving"
end of the scale.
-- Rick
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2) From: Rick Farris
Floyd wrote:
I've owned three of the ~$110 burr grinders, and there were a lot of things
wrong with them. (I'm a slow learner)
For one thing, they sound like a vacuum cleaner, but louder.
Secondly, they're one of the grinders where when you pull the door open, all
the coffee tries to jump out onto the counter. (static)
And thirdly, the grind setting adjustment knob (which is down in the hopper
with the beans) adjusts itself as the grinder grinds.  It can go from about
where you want it to the stops in (I think) the large direction in four or
five grinding sessions.
-- Rick
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3) From: floyd burton
Cheez-u owned 3-well I still have only 1 but you really understate the noise
this thing makes-gads-near pain levels and scares cat into the next week-the
other problem is cleaning-soo many nooks and crannies-but it was a step up
from the whirly blade dust/boulder maker.  Now I used it as a loaner grinder
for grinderless friends-bought the bloody thing before discovering SM/AC.

4) From: Ed Needham
I've got one too...boxed and stored in the basement.  What a waste of $100.
Ed Needham
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5) From: Angelo
Has anyone ever owned a Krups Barista II grinder? I think you can still 
find them floating around for about $50(originally $125). These things 
should only be used on airport runways. I can't belive that a company with 
a reputation like Krups would put out a product like that...I gave it to a 
friend, and it was only when I went to her house and made some coffee for a 
party, that I remembered how god-awful noisy that thing was.
All is well now, as I hum along with my new Rocky (thanks Ben) :-)
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6) From: Rick Farris
Jim wrote:
Well, sure, and I've seen studies done showing how Mercedes are a far better
bargain than Chevies, too.  (And they are!)
But if you don't have the money to spend $250 on an espresso grinder, the
Maestro, at half price, is as good as you're going to do.
I mean, how long did it take you to get a Rocky?  Even if you don't start
counting until you began homeroasting?
-- Rick
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