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Topic: La Pavoni EPC-8? as a late Christmas present (7 msgs / 141 lines)
1) From: jim gundlach
I just got my last Christmas present from one of the kids we took in a 
few years ago.  His fiancee's grandmother died last year and they were 
cleaning out her house to get it ready to sell when they found this La 
Pavoni lever operated espresso machine.  They were going to throw it 
into the trash when my kid thought I would like it since it was 
obviously coffee related.  He thought it was probably an antique since 
it had the hand lever instead of an electric pump.  It looks exactly 
like the EPC-8 except the base is gold in color instead of chrome.  I 
have no idea how old it is, the plug is not grounded which may or may 
not mean anything.  The pump seems to work.  Anyone out there know how 
to check it out and use it, there is no manual.
Jim Gundlach
celebrating Christmas in February.
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "jim gundlach" 
Cool belated Christmas! Don't have a clue on it's proper usage, but, just
send it to me and I'm sure I'll figure it out for you:-)
MM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
Frankenformer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'
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3) From: Larry Palletti

4) From: jim gundlach
      Yes, the site has the manual in .pdf format.  Read the directions, 
gave it a trial run without coffee and it seems to work.  By the way, 
the machine used to live in Norcross, across town from where you are.
Thanks for the info.
    Jim Gundlach
On Thursday, February 20, 2003, at 08:44 PM, Larry Palletti wrote:
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5) From: Larry Palletti
Boy, it's hard to respond to a multi-part message with this top-posting
crap. This is the last time I'll fall victim to bad advice (and clueless
demands) about list etiquette.
Anyway, glad you could use the info. Now: if you find your new machine is
leaking or otherwise acting non-Pavonian, check out this site for repair
parts. I've used these guys, and they ain't bad.http://www.lapavoni.ca/If your peacock gives you any pains, you might look at buying a gasket set
(for starters) and replacing the old ones. Makes a huge difference in
Welcome to the Land of the Steep Learning Curve. But once you zero in on
that La Pavoni, you're in for a treat.
(See, Ms Top-Poster? You had to scroll all the way to the bottom, then read
everything in reverse, to find out what we're talking about. Not the
brightest way to follow a conversation.)
Larry P.
East Point/Atlanta

6) From: Rick Farris
Larry wrote:
No one suggested that you do so.
What was suggested was that IF you are going to ignore netiquette and refuse
to trim your quotes down to the minimum necessary, interspersing your
comments with the snippets of quotes, THEN you should top post.
We had one guy that included 290 lines of quoted text only to add "I agree,"
or some such.
-- Rick
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7) From: Angelo
Not at all.. Since I already read the messages, I know exactly to what 
messages you're responding.. It's not rocket science...
Mr. Top-Poster
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