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Topic: Livia replacement (6 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Mark Prince
At 11:48 AM 22/02/2003, Mike wrote:
I'm still working on it... :)
If I were to go out in the marketplace today and buy a new machine though, 
here's what I'd buy at various price points:
Sub $300: Solis SL70
Sub $500 (well close): Isomac Venus - except for a pisspoor steam 
thermostat (which you just try to ignore), it beats the Silvia, imo
Sub $800 - Tough one - the Expobar is amazing at the pricepoint, but I 
gotta give creds to the Isomac Zaffiro. It's the best single boiler machine 
I've ever had the pleasure of using - and I think it brews a better shot 
than most HX machines (reason: huge 1.4 litre boiler, all for brewing)
Sub $1200... again a tough one - if the Euro Junior 2000 had better steam 
and water wands and better insulation around the boiler, I'd go for it. But 
Livia gets my nod
Around $2,000 - if I could find a good Rancilio S27 for this price, I'd go 
for it
Under $3K - the Cimbali DT Junior is sweet - 110V, procon, plumbed in, 
wowsa. All the meat, none of the fat.
Over $3,000... Then there's only one choice - a La Marzocco Linea 1 group. 
I'd love a FB70 (the red ferarri one) but it only comes in 2 groups or more...
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2) From: Rick Farris
Mark wrote:
So you're not all that impressed with the Techno?
-- Rick
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3) From: Bruce Harlick
What happened to the Livia?
Bruce Harlick
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4) From: Ben Treichel
Hey Mark,
What I'd like to see is a comparison of a PID'ed Silvia to other 
machines on the market. Undoubtedly its an improvement, but then we all 
take pride in our hacks, and therefore there has to be some placebo 
effect on the part of the owners. How about an unbiased trial?
(No I can't loan you one, I'm still on the basic entry level machine).
P.S. Great information below.
Mark Prince wrote:
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5) From: Prabhakar Ragde
Mark wrote:
The steam delay on the Zaffiro is bothersome, but it occurred to me
that my cap consumption is way down (in favour of straight shots) and
since I'm replacing a working machine, I could use that to steam if I
really wanted to... so here's my question: how would you compare the
shots from the Zaffiro to those from an Elektra Micro Casa a Leva?
--PR, planning on calling a dealer on Monday (a drug dealer would be
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6) From: Mark Prince
At 12:49 PM 23/02/2003, you wrote:
Oooo tough one. I'd give the nod to the Zaffiro because of the bigger PF 
and the long term temperature stability, but the consistent draw (spring) 
of the a Leva is, in some minds at least, even better than a volumetric 
pump, so if you brew when the temps are perfect, and brew smaller volumes, 
it might win.
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