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Topic: Aged Sumatra non gassing? (12 msgs / 410 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
If you are vacuum sealing soon after roasting, how can you tell if it is =
gassing out or not? If the lid on the jar is not sealing properly the =
gases will escape or leak out, and when you open it, you hear nothing.  =
If it is sealing correctly after vacuum sealing. when you open it you =
will hear the air rushing in, but this does not indicate outgassing, =
because by vacuum sealing you have removed most of the O2, so when you =
open it, you will hear the swish of O2 rushing in to the vacuumed space.
I roasted some Aged Sumatra a couple of weeks ago, and put into 1/2 pint =
jars, tighten the lid,( I do not vacuum seal until 24 hours rest), and =
the next day when I popped the lid, it indeed outgassed. Of course the =
swish heard is actually the air rushing in to replace the displaced CO2, =
and O2 gasses escaping.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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2) From: Tonya Connell
I roasted about 1/2lb of Aged Sumatra on 2/14. The bean sat out until I was
done roasting (about 1/2 hour give or take) and then vac sealed. Roasted
some Sumatra Iskandar Triple-Pick and handled the same way.  The Iskandar
gassed out but the Aged never did. The Sumatra Iskandar smelled wonderful
and the Aged smelled kinda funky. Need to get around to tasting it but have
any ideas why the Aged did not gas out?
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
Sorry Tonya, I must have misread your post, I apologize, I did not mean =
to offend. Indeed if the bag is still hard, the beans did not out gas. I =
know the Aged Sumatra I roasted 2 weeks ago, roasted to a roaring 2nd =
crack, and did out gas. Is it possible that the beans did not get =
roasted far enough. Aged beans, like decaf are darker to begin with, and =
are hard to judge the roast degree by color.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC
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4) From: Tonya Connell
I  vac seal in bags at the moment so it did seal. The beans wear sealed
about 30-45 minutes after roasting.

5) From: John Abbott
	How long did they stay in the vac bag?  Some of my beans "pillow" very
slowly.  And I've only done aged Sumatran a couple of times - but I'm pretty
sure they pillowed.

6) From: Tonya Connell
Since 2/14 until today.

7) From: John Abbott
Well if they haven't pillowed by now they aren't going to.  Is the vacuum
secure - no holes. The pack is still hard?

8) From: Tonya Connell
Yes the pack was still hard this am when I opened it. The smell was not a
roasted coffee smell but old green coffee like it had not been roasted!

9) From: Oaxaca Charlie
 I remember a while back that Rick Farris vac sealed a lightly
roasted batch and it never seemed to gas out, which suprised
some of us. I have since noticed the same thing myself. Could
the aged Sumatran maybe just looked more roasted than it
actually was?
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10) From: Tonya Connell
oh you did not offend, I am used to no one listening to me ;p  lol
I have roasted the Aged before and they gassed just fine, smelled fine,
builded find etc etc.  Still have not had just them as a cup, will in the
morning. Just seemed stranged that happened this time. I do roast to the 2
crack so I dont know what the heck is going on. oh well....

11) From: John Abbott
Several things could have happened to your beans, old age, dampness, and
under roasted - or all of the above.  Just for drill I roasted some this
evening and vac bagged it immediately. I'll let you know in the morning -
but I know its going to pillow because it smells great.  Ran it into second
crack because its going to be espresso.

12) From: Tonya Connell
I did do some roasting again this weekend. Same m.o., and everything was
gassing out except the Aged Sumatra on Monday am. But I looked at the
pouches again yesterday and low and behold the Aged S. was just starting to
gas out.  Took it 3 days to start but finally did. Last time it was in there
a week without gassing out any that I could tell.  Last time they did smell
funky but when exposed to air, started to smell like roasted coffee after a
while. Tasted ok and blended with the triple pick ok. So I have no idea what
is going on. These are beans from the same batch as the others. Just thought
I would give a update to the strange happenings going on around here.

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