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1) From: Tom & Maria
I wonder if we could get tiles for less ...I think all the merch we 
have we sell for less because they have a resale price, and then we 
dont mark it up much. Seems like something we should offer ... 
individual tiles that is. Or maybe an abbreviated set and then a full 
set. Comments?
BTW, we are finally getting 1/4 lb valve bags after a long delay. 
People always asked for them, but we have to get the valves put in as 
a custom item ... don't know why it took so long for me to get these. 
They are going to be clear from and back (or else the price would 
have been the same as the 1/2 lb ones) but this has no bearing on bag 
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2) From: John Abbott
As for me and my house - we'd love to see you carry them as individual and
abbreviated sets. I for one would jump right in and pick up a set.
John - In deep southern Texas where even the rain is hot

3) From: Bruce Harlick
As I move towards a better roaster, I find that I'd be interested in the
roast color tiles if you carried them.
Bruce Harlick
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4) From: Ben Treichel
Yeah I'd have an interest depending on price.
Tom & Maria wrote:
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5) From: DJ Garcia
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Sign me up for a set!

6) From: Lowe, David
I'd be interested sooner or later. I have lots of other coffee stuff I =
want/need and, like most, need to operate within some sort of budget =
Dave Lowe

7) From: John Abbott
Dave - very un-CSA to talk about staying within a budget.  You may borrow my
ski mask when Mike is through with it :O)

8) From: Lowe, David
Welllll, I do see postings that admit to some sort of cost =
constraints... and the longer I'm on this list the more I see that NEED =
to have. I doubt that I really have attained the requirements for CSA =
yet (what ever they are), but I'm working on it. ;)

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