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Topic: My new 6Kg scale (accurate to 1g) (10 msgs / 271 lines)
1) From:
Well, folks may remember I've been using a cheap jeweler's scale I bought on
eBay, to measure my coffee.  And it was, shall we say, none too accurate.
Well, this year's first coffee upgrade is my new 6 kilogram scale, that's
accurate to 1g.  I bought several 5 pounder's from Tom, and just weighed an
unused bag.  Placed the plastic bowl on the scale, hit the "tare" button,
dumped in the beans ... 2268g exactly.  Since I know Tom is accurate (or is
the correct term "precise", I forget my science terminology), I can assume
the scale is too.  :)
So now I start saving for the Zass mill ...
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2) From: John Abbott
Cool!  What kind of scale did you get?  I'd be dead without my Soehnle.  I
have two identical bowl that each way 100 grams, because I'm usually pouring
before I remember to hit the Tara key. So I pour to 350 g. and know that I'm
getting 250 g of beans.  The bowls are a sickening purple/pink and my wife
wouldn't allow them to touch her table - so I know they're always there.
Now you get to join the rest of us crazies that weigh before we roast and
after. I have all that recorded and have NO idea why, except I have this
really neat scale.
John - who forgot to list my grinders in my archive search stopping tag line

3) From: ginny powell
where did you get the scale?

4) From: R.N.Kyle
In my experience, and talking to several professional Roasters, 15% loss =
is the rule of thumb.
Ron Kyle
Anderson SC

5) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 10:51 3/1/2003, John Abbott typed:
So can you give me a rundown of how much moisture you lose during a roast 
and is it relatively consistent loss batch to batch and type to type?
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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6) From: John Abbott
I never thought of it as moister John, but you're probably right. I always
thought of it as fuel to energy and the chaff. But it certainly would
include the drying process from the heating.  With the Fresh Roast I was +-
about 4 percent. With the HotTop I'm within +- 2 percent. But then my times
aren't to the precise second- load time from first beep varies five to ten
seconds depending on how attentive I am. But over the list it will be about
18% to 22% depending on bean type. CRLM is the same with the HT for all
roasts. The Panama seems to dry just a bit more.  I haven't run them lately,
but I'll make a point of doing it this week and will post the weights later.

7) From: AlChemist John
Am I understanding you correctly that for you, you lose 2-4% from initial 
wight to final wight but most people lose about 20% (which is what I 
expect).  Why is yours so much lower?
Sometime around 05:33 3/2/2003, John Abbott typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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8) From: John Abbott
No, no John - I meant my reading didn't differ more than +- 2%  My average
readings were between 18% and 22% loss in weight. notice" over the list it
will be about 18% to 22%"  further down in the paragraph. BUT if there were
a major difference it would doubtlessly be me and my methods :))

9) From: TFisher511
Well, I didn't see a response about this thread so I'll tell you my story.
Dec 17, 2002 I received my new MyWeigh scale from Precision Balances Inc. and 
they were DOA. I returned them and they sent another scale as a replacement. 
They were supposed to cover return shipping in a DOA situation, but it didn't 
The replacements were intermittent and I tried to use them for a while but 
they finally died completely. This time I returned them to MyWeigh, again at 
my expense, with a not-so-flattering letter. Here it is March 3 and still no 
scale. Out 50 bucks for the scales, $7 for the first return, $7.50 for the 
second return and still no scales.
I was trying to replace the Salter scale I bought from SM because, after 3+ 
years of regular use, I have to add a dish or several ounces of something to 
get them to zero. I'm sure glad I hung onto them or I would be without any 
coffee scales at all.
gin writes:

10) From: Mike McGinness
I'm using, and having good luck with for 3 months now (my second), an Escali
Digital 13#/6kg, 1gr resolution, $34.95 + $7.95 shipping. eBay:http://home.attbi.com/~mdmint/coffee/pnwhrg.htmMM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee">http://makeashorterlink.com/?B47732BA3PNW HomeRoast List Gathering Info' URLhttp://home.attbi.com/~mdmint/coffee/pnwhrg.htmMM;-) aka Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
FrankenFormer Rosto Roasting
Rocky grindin' - Miss Silvia brewin'

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