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Topic: My 3rd Alp. (10 msgs / 262 lines)
1) From: Adam Jahiel
Well, I'm thinking it is time to send my 3rd Alp in.  It runs cool. I
checked the trim pot adjutsment, only to find that it is turned as
counterclockwise as can be. I measure my beans with a digital scale, roast
at room temperature, have a clean screen and shiny surfaces, thanks to
orange oil and steel wool. Swissmar has been very nice about
returning/replacing. I wish somebody there would come up with a fix, tweak,
part replacement, whatever.... It has to be expensive to be sending these
new units out all the time.  One gentleman posted (his post is not on this
computer,) that he works on the the refubished Alp machine, or refurbishing
them... If somebody came up with a non-factory fix for these,  I would sure
send him/her my unit. Might make a great business for a handy electronic
guy.  Now I'm wondering if one of the other units, that roast only four
ounces, would not be, in the long run, a faster and simpler process,
especially if you include the time it takes to clean the Alp. I like dark
roasts, but I am having to do a roast at 15, let my machine settle and
recoup for 30 minutes, and the re-start the same beans until they reach
second crack!
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2) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Adam Jahiel" 
 Now I'm wondering if one of the
other units, that roast only four
I may be sounding like a *broken record* but: Easy 1/3# batches, max pushed
1/2# batches, zero wait between batches, 5min or 25min or anywhere
in-between DARK FRENCH no problem - FrankenFormer Rosto roasting. (dual
variable transformers Caffe' Rosto combination) If there's any way you can
make the List Gathering it'd be a good opportunity to compare a number of
different roasters hands on...
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3) From: Rick Farris
Adam wrote:
Craig Andrews.  If you ask by private email I will be happy to send you his
calibration routines, but it sounds like you've already done that.
If you mean Caffe Rosto, then I'm with you.  Prolly get (without serious
tweaking) a pound an hour.
Amen on that!
Why wait?  If it was me I'd roast to 15, *instead of hitting the cool cycle*
I'd pull the AC plug, plug it back in and immediately restart it.
I'm happy with my Alpenrost from the standpoint that I can roast a pound an
hour with only about seven or eight minutes of manual intervention.  I'm not
happy from a high-quality roast standpoint.  The Alp does ok, but has
absolutely no facility for profiling.
-- Rick
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4) From: John Abbott
Ginny - you mean a HotTop??   I crank out some pretty good loads at 275Grams
on my beastie all the time.  But then I've already got bruises to prove I'm
not right!

5) From: ginny powell
Have you tried the tophat, top something?

6) From: John Abbott
Ginny I'm highly opinionated here.  I'm sure that there are lots of folks
out there who can beat my roasts every time, but for me, its the right
machine. It is designed to run 250 gram loads, and all of us run 260 - 275
grams in them all the time. I love mine because it is so easy to run - I can
watch the roast through a viewing port in the end, and the snaps are VERY
easy to hear.  The profiles in the machine work exactly the way I want them
to, so for me its the best.  BUT that's because I have had good coffee from
it. I was happy with my modified (hacked) FR system, and I still WOK every
now and then. But if I were to have to pick ONE - it would be the HotTop.

7) From: ginny powell
Is it better than all the others for home use?

8) From: Rick Farris
Ginny wrote:
No, but Wandering John and a couple of the other regulars here have them.  I
understand that they are very good.  Unfortunately, there are no US dealers.
(Not in the sense of someone with a warranty repair station, anyway.)  On
top of that they are expensive.  I'll probably buy one when my financial
situation improves, so that I can afford to buy one without a warranty.
-- Rick
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9) From: Rick Farris
Ginny wrote (about the HotTop):
That depends.  If you want to set it and forget it, I understand the HotTop
is very good.  If you're looking to get involved with your own profiling
(perhaps different profiles for different greens), then the best might be a
Variac'd Caffe Rosto.
I'm going for the Caffe Rosto first, and then maybe a Hot Top.
-- Rick
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10) From: John Abbott
Not true Rick.  There is a warranty repair station now in existence in
Irvine California.  Just for drill I asked if I could get a replacement
motor for my unit, knowing that it is custom made in Taiwan.  They quoted me
a price for the motor.  Granted, I have not availed myself of any of their
service, but them I'm the kind to tear into it myself. But there IS a
warranty and a repair depot.

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