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Topic: My HWP is getting sick I think... (11 msgs / 129 lines)
1) From: Dave Clark
 Well after over a year of using my HWP to roast 8-10 batches a week
on average, it sounds like it's on it's last legs...
 It has the sound as if it's batteries were dying, if it ran on 
batteries that is. The roast times seem the same, I've never really 
timed them, just sight and sound, but it doesn't seem to have a "high 
gear: anymore. It just sounds like it's struggling. I opened it up
thinking the fan might be dirty or something but a visual inspection
looked fine. Any clues? I should test the outlet but I need a 
voltmeter first. 
 Nothing about my roast set-up has changed, same outlet, same place 
on the counter, etc.
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2) From: Michael Allen Smith
Same exact symptoms happened to me after 7 months.  I was roasting about 15
batches a week, so our machines had probably equal wear and tear.
Fortunately, I was still under warranty so it was replaced at no cost.   For
what it's worth, the new HWP I have is a better roaster.  It roasts about 3
minutes slower and doesn't rush to the oily stage.  I think we may have
covered this, but isn't the 1999 HWP a different design than the 2000 HWP?

3) From: Dave Clark
Michael Allen Smith wrote:
 I am considering buying another, as I can't be without coffee, it's
just a bad thing... ;o) I really like the HWP and would buy another,
but I am disappointed it didn't last as long as my Zass grinders 
will... ;o) How long have you had the new roaster? Any problems? Have
any of the new models (2K models) had problems anyone knows of? 
 I recall that there was a design change, and since you had the same
symptoms and you say the newer one seems better, it gives it a better
chance at another shot in my book. Of course before I dish out another 
$110 I will have to consider the Alpenroast, but I like to be able to
judge the roast visibly and audibly...
 As of tonight the HWP, it's still going...
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4) From: Michael Allen Smith
I've had the new HWP for 2 months.  No problems other than a slower roast.
It does seem that the quality problems reported to this list have been far
fewer than eariler this year.  I too was considering an AlpenRoast, but my
new HWP roasts are slow enough to meet the slow roast requirement.  My
loyality is with Hearth.

5) From: Michael Allen Smith
Oops -  I meants DOESN'T seem that the quality problems 

6) From: GA80486
Sounds like the motor is wearing out. I don't believe that they use a real 
high quality one. I'm sure they can't, and still keep the cost down. You 
might try to disassemble, get the markings off the motor and find a 
If you post the numbers here I'll help you find one.

7) From: floyd burton
Just got a replacement HWP from Hearthware-mine was 8 months old-this past
Saturday during a roast it made a slightly different noise during both roast
and cool down.  Fired it up on Sunday and it made a screeching noise during
both roast and cool down.  Think it was a fan bearing that got wiped.
Sounded like a bearing without adequate lubrication.  Drove down to
Hearthware's home office in Wheeling IL and got a replacement.  The
replacement unit's chaff filter is easier to work with-no binding and the
fan sounds different.  It is slightly louder and appears to make the beans
hop around a bit more, particularly during cool down.  With the first one I
had to pull the top off after the cool down cycle and restart the cool down
cycle in order to get rid of the chaff in the beans.
The design engineer working on the new 2# roaster was on his way back from
the far east-will chat with him later this week and see if he can provide
any other availability update other than "in a couple of months".  A couple
of small coffee shops I frequent are interested in roasting  their own

8) From: Bearhair
"floyd burton"  wrote:
   I live in Chicago . . . do they sell refurbished units out of this location?

9) From: floyd burton
Didn't ask but doubt it-fastest way to loose retailer support is to sell
directly-their # is 847-459-9455 X224 for Gary Sacco-NSM.

10) From: Bearhair
"floyd burton"  wrote:
   I would think merely selling refurbished units wouldn't be much of a problem
for retailers.
   Thanks for the contact info.

11) From: Hugh Solaas
Bearhair wrote:
   I would think merely selling refurbished units wouldn't be much of a
Depends on how many refurbs Harthware actually has to sell, doesen't it?

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